The World's First Short-Interval 'Cardio at Your Desk' Fitness Platform

Rocket Rower in use - cardio at your desk

Clowd Foundry LLC announces “cardio at your desk” using its Rocket Rower XSQ platform. Studies show that getting physical movement throughout the day is critical to our health. Sitting and even stand-up desks are not sufficient. Our bodies and minds need movement that gets our heart rate up.

The Rocket Rower XSQ is designed to give people short intervals — 30 to 60 seconds — of cardio throughout the day, right beside where they are sitting, to beat the sedentary work day. By keeping the intervals short, the user avoids getting sweaty and can fit these intervals in multiple times a day, such as after a conference call, sending an email, finishing a document or concluding a meeting.

I designed the Rocket Rower for myself to get cardio at my desk multiple times a day. Each is a beautiful briefcase-size wooden rowing shell that anyone can own.

Timothy Higginson, President

The Rocket Rower gets its name because it combines the powerful exercise of rowing with body motion going straight up, like a rocket. The XSQ stands for eXtreme SQuats because it exercises the legs, core, arms and shoulders both going up and going down, and integrates both gravity-based and resistance-tube based isometric resistance into the motion. The inclined foot platform is taken from rowing shells for enabling a longer, deeper leg press. Rowing is one of the greatest all-body exercises, and one of the most rigorous. The Rocket Rower gives people stand-up rowing.

Rocker Rowers are lightweight (about 7 lbs) and the size of a briefcase (16” W x 20” L x 4” H). When in use, a Rocket Rower takes 16” W x 20” L of floor space. When not in use, it takes 16” H x 4” W of floor space. In other words, Rocket Rowers fit in cubicles, shared office spaces, open floor plans and almost any other type of office environment. They are beautiful and strong, hand-crafted in the USA of wood, and have no power cords, batteries, screens, apps, plastic or glass.

Tim Higginson designed the Rocket Rower and is president of Clowd Foundry. He rowed competitively for 6 years. In his free time, he sculpts wood. 

Source: Clowd Foundry LLC

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