The World's First Patent Pending "Hair Extensions Washing Machine"

A new start up hair products company in Chicago called Krysmari Brands is changing the game in hair extensions-by creating the world's first and only patent pending Hair Extensions Washing Machine.

Most hair extension sellers and buyers, purchase hair extensions from overseas and immediately after receiving the hair, the purchaser washes it by hand. This is called co-washing. .

The problem is when hair comes from overseas there are a variety of chemicals that could be on the hair; in addition to suppliers overseas have different methods of washing and processing the hair. With the washer you will also eliminate the time it takes to wash by hand and you’ll know the hair is thoroughly clean.

The benefits of the patent pending “Hair Extensions Washing Machine” are it washes the hair thoroughly just like a regular washing machine. It adds another avenue of revenue for hair stylists and salons to add hair extension washing to the menu of services, in addition it saves hair stylists time. The Hair Extensions Washing Machine also has a hair conditioning and hair color setting on the machine.

The patent pending “Hair Extensions Washing Machine” will come in a variety of colors and the price ranges from $149.99-$199.99.

Since founder and co –founder Michele and Adrienne Krysmari released the Machine in June 2015 over 2500 orders were made within the 1st week of the release..

Michele and Adrienne Krysmari are the creators and designers of the World’s first patent pending “Hair Extensions Washing Machine”. There is no other product out there like this on the market. Michele and Adrienne Krysmari are previous owners of two successful hair extension stores, after the market became saturated with new hair extension sellers, Mchele and Adrienne decided to get out of selling hair extensions and create products that cater to hair extensions. The first item released was a self published manual for selling hair extensions “Learn How To Sell Hair Extensions” which has had tremendous sales. The 2nd item released was the patent pending “Hair Extensions Washing Machine”. Throughout this  year you can look forward to Michele and Adrienne releasing more hair care products.

About Krysmari Brands

Krysmari Brands was created by mother and daughter duo Michele and Adrienne Krysmari. Krysmari Brands success Is due to creating products that have a need within the hair extensions industry.

Krysmari Brands

Chicago, Il

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