The World's First Kevlar Cable Guaranteed for Life

​​​​​​​​​nonda ( ) launches its new ZUS Kevlar Cable on Indiegogo, raising over $122K to date. The company is setting out to disrupt the prevalence of poor, flimsy cables by making strong durable cables the norm. Ever heard of a cable that could pull 4000 pounds? Watch the video here.

The Strongest Cable Of Them All

In a recent test conducted by renown German test lab, TÜV Rheinland, the ZUS Kevlar cable bent over 15,000 times - that’s 50% more than some of the best charging brands Belkin and Anker, which tested to bend around 10,000 times.

What makes ZUS so strong? It’s Kevlar. It's the stuff that the military uses to make bulletproof vests and ballistic helmets. It's the stuff that allowed Curiosity to withstand 65,000 pounds of force on its descent to Mars. With Kevlar, the ZUS cable can be crushed or tossed around without a problem.

Break the Cable: What will you do?

50 lucky backers will receive their USB-A to USB-C cables during the live Indiegogo campaign. They'll be tasked to create a video before the campaign ends, showing the crazy things that they will do to break the cable. To see the cable in action, check out our photo and video gallery.

Lifetime Warranty

We’re so confident in our ZUS cable that we’re offering our backers a lifetime warranty. What this means is that if a cable breaks from normal wear and tear, we’ll replace it. For free.

Unique 90 Degree Design

With a unique 90 degree plug, the ZUS Kevlar Cable is adept at fitting in narrow spaces. It also pairs perfectly with the ZUS Smart Car Charger for on-the-road charging.

Indiegogo Launch

The ZUS Kevlar Cable launched on Tuesday, May 3rd and is set to end on June 20th. There will be a limited number of the Early Bird perks available, which start at $15 per cable (25% off retail price of $20). Shipping starts as early as July 1st, 2016.

Technical details

● 3 cable options: Micro USB, Lightning, and USB-A to USB-C

● Length: 1.2m / 4 ft

A complete set of photos can be downloaded here.

Source: nonda

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