The World's First Decentralized Foundation Is Dedicated to Women, the World's First Decentralized Autonomous Foundation (DAF), dropped its first collection of NFTs on Opensea

Cristina is one of the artists featured in WYHT.

The founders of landed in Miami, where they will be attending Art Basel to announce their innovative project, after they just dropped the first photography NFT collection dedicated to women.

"" is the first decentralized autonomous foundation (DAF) worldwide. A DAF is a foundation based on the DAO rules, i.e., being represented by rules encoded as a computer program that is transparent, controlled by the foundation's members and not influenced by a central authority.

The foundation's mission is to build a community of like-minded people who can make a difference by raising awareness on women's rights and supporting the foundation's specific goal of protecting women subjected to physical and/or sexual violence - through their first campaign, WYHT. This is achieved by building an International Digital Art Gallery (IDAG) with NFT collections (photography, PFP and 3d content).

Elena Ghenoiu, The Founding Mother and CEO "Did you get slapped today? One in three women did. 'Would you hit that?' (WYHT) is the first NFT campaign of our DAF and it depicts a collection of women who posed nude for the greater purpose of raising awareness on physical and/or sexual violence against women. When you see a photo of a beautiful naked woman and get asked if you would 'hit that', you most likely will say 'of course I would!'. But, in truth, there is more than one meaning to this question, and every one in three women experiences it quite literally."

Each campaign will be made up of multiple NFT collections. All NFTs can be purchased, in order to support organizations that fights the good fight for said cause.

Regarding the first collecton, anyone holding a "Founding Mother" NFT becomes a member of the foundation. The "Founding Mother" will be available in a total supply of 1001 editions, thus giving the possibility of a maximum of 1001 members to join the DAF, as well as hold shares in any of the foundations' sales.

"If you are a man watching this, you might believe this is a feminist campaign. Allow me to tell you, this is a campaign of humanity - for humanity. The founding mother encourages introspection, acknowledging we all have both feminine and masculine energy. This is a time for us to sit together at the same table, tearing those walls that divide us." - Loredana Cristea, Ambassador

More information about the foundation, including the roadmap, benefits and team can be accessed at

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