The First in World History End Times Degree Program Only Through Luder Wycliffe Theological Seminary.

"The Apocalypse Degree" by Luder Wycliffe Theological Seminary

Luder Wycliffe Theological Seminary stands as the only seminary in the world that is currently offering degree programs in Eschatology (End Times Studies) .  Luder Wycliffe's Online Seminary is the only place where students can truly earn a degree in eschatology, and has quickly earned the nick name “The Apocalypse Degree.”

Eschatology is a red-hot subject that has garnered the attention and study of multiple millions of prophecy students around the globe. As an integral part of theology, eschatology is by far the most popular among most students and lay people. This is largely due to the media blitz this subject has enjoyed over the past few decades.

The Masters and Doctoral programs in eschatology are both comprehensive and rigorous, and students which have studied this specialized field of theology, can finally funnel their energy into a credible and viable degree program.

Since the Christian Church shares several different views concerning the final events surrounding end time prophecy, students that enroll at LWTS for the Eschatology Degree Program will learn every angle of each position and thereby receive a well balanced and overall picture of eschatological teaching, regardless of their personal view.

The Luder Wycliffe Theological Seminary offers one of the most in-depth and targeted  learning systems available by any online religious institution. Its studies comprise both a mixture of online and physical textbooks as well as completely offline and paper based course work for those who prefer the traditional methods. LWTS also offers one-on-one mentorship with their studies.

Luder Wycliffe is a Baptist based school, but is open to all evangelical persuasions, as is the case with such a school like Liberty University.

“Having a degree in eschatology has been long overdue, and I’m surprised no other school has ever thought of it. The appetite and need for this subject is there, so therefore must be the demand." said Jack Nelson, D. Min., President and Founder.

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Source: Luder Wycliffe Theological Seminary


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