The World's 1st Online Platform for Buying and Selling Coins Hits the Market With a Free Valuation

GoldAdvert, an online platform that focuses on selling and buying silver and gold coins, is now released worldwide. It offers a free and private valuation and provides the opportunity to sell items within a day.  

Coins are peculiar goods - always up-to-date, liquid, and can be easily converted into cash. Some rare items might be sold for $150,000 or even up to $7,000,000 US dollars. The only thing is that coins used to be sold over-the-counter, the GoldAdvert team claims.

Supposing a person has found a special one mislaid in the pocket, he or she never knows if it is worth something until the valuation. Such a seller has to spend a lot of time searching for an appraiser and then a buyer. The platform strives to solve that by making deals with the coins available with a click

GoldAdvert lets buyers and sellers meet each other online and find out the market value (not lower than the set price in London) of coins of every origin. That makes further transactions easier and more cost-efficient compared to those made at auctions or sales through professional collectors.

The user must be registered to arrange a deal on GoldAdvert. The platform includes buyers’ and sellers’ credibility ratings, so the vendor can easily choose the best price from the trusted bidder. The seller is the one to decide which buyer to talk with directly. The private “contact back” form is provided by the platform to secure the negotiations.

All the deals arranged via GoldAdvert have to be closed offline. However, the platform provides geo-filtering, so the vendor can find buyers within a specified proximity. 

About the platform

GoldAdvert is the world’s first online platform for buying and selling gold and silver coins with a free valuation. It is available for both private and public vendors and buyers. All the coin prices are London fixed. GoldAdvert’s ultimate ambition is to become the most comprehensive online catalog for gold and silver coins in the world.

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