The World of Dianetics in Its 70th Anniversary Year

Looking back on May 9, 1950, as Dianetics began its meteoric ascent to international bestseller lists — Looking forward to the future of this vital international movement.

Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health

“Dianetics is an adventure. It is an exploration into Terra Incognita, the human mind, that vast and hitherto unknown realm half an inch back of our foreheads.” With these words, on May 9, 1950, L. Ron Hubbard launched Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Healthwhich burst onto the international stage, climbing to the top of The New York Times bestseller list where it remained for 26 consecutive weeks.

What followed was a grassroots movement of some 750 Dianetics groups across the United States and the English-speaking world. Now published in some 50 languages, this handbook is available to over 90 percent of the world’s population and its impact is truly international.

You are beginning an adventure. Treat it as an adventure. And may you never be the same again.

L.Ron Hubbard

Author of Dianetics and Founder of the Scientology religion

With last year’s launch of the Scientology Network, the reach of Dianetics skyrocketed as Dianetics programming was streamed at and became available through mobile apps, Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV platforms.

This handbook was intended for use and in June 2009, Mr. David Miscavige, chairman of the board, Religious Technology Center, and ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion made its application even more readily available. He released How to Use Dianetics: 32 films in 17 languages containing four-and-a-half hours of visual instruction in Dianetics principles and procedures. These form the basis of the new Hubbard Dianetics Seminar, available at any Scientology mission or church in the world. And with the use of the book and these films, within hours, anyone may begin their adventure and help another with these techniques. 

So on the eve of this 70th anniversary year, Scientologists gather in churches and missions on six continents to celebrate the book that brought Dianetics to the world and invite friends and family to join them. As Mr. Hubbard welcomed his readers to this subject on May 9, 1950: “You are beginning an adventure. Treat it as an adventure. And may you never be the same again.” 


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