The World at Her Feet on an Epic Journey to Egypt

- the land of the Pharaohs, Great Pyramids & Sphinx-

Egypt, the name itself transports you to a time when dynasties of pharaohs governed the land and powerful women like Nefertiti and Cleopatra, whose political ambitions, dominance and symbol were curved deep on temple walls to narrate their story for centuries to come. This April, join The World at her Feet, Middle East’s premium women travel consultancy, on an adventure of a lifetime, a trip to one of the world’s greatest civilizations.  Scheduled to take off on 22nd April 2016, this 7days/6nights expedition is curated to view the most significant historical monuments including The Great Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, a journey to Memphis, Saqqara, Egypt’s largest Archaeological site and burial ground, the Egypt National Museum to view the treasures of boy king TutanKhamen and his regal tomb and the ultimate Nile Cruise. The World at her Feet, “Free to be ME”, 7days/6nights tour to Egypt features all excursions to Memphis, Luxor, Giza and the epitome Nile Cruise for only US$ 1400 on twin sharing basis with daily breakfast plus all meals, domestic flights, private tours, entrances to various excursions and airport transfers.  

“Egypt continues to mesmerize the world, from this ancient civilization we romanticize the epic history of Cleopatra and Marc Anthony. And as we continue to journey to the end of the world, one trip at a time, we find ourselves drawn to destinations etched into the sands of time. “Free to be me” spirit of our women travelers has given them the freedom to discover not just the world but also a journey within. We believe that Egypt is a perfect backdrop for such a discovery.  Whether it is the towering Pharaonic Temples, the Sphinx, gorgeous Nile Cruise or a journey to Luxor, the magic of Egypt will captivate you every step of the way. Our 2016 trips are all set with complete itinerary and women can book in advance for all or any of them” said Paulomi Bhatt, Founder, The World at her Feet.

As the women travel group journeys to Egypt, new lifelong friendships will be formed and memories created.  Since its inception in 2013, the group has worked tirelessly to create female-friendly travel experiences and has taken women around the world for sightseeing, shopping and culinary tours. “Free to be Me” travel calendar includes adventures to Africa, Europe and Asia.  “Free to be ME” trips encourage independent traveling for women without the intimidation of being alone.  The World at her Feet captures the spirit of women explorers offering them adventure, culture, cuisine and art at every destination Bookings for Egypt and all future trips are now open. 

Future Trips:

Greece: May 2016                             Bulgaria: June 2016                         Iceland: July 2016

Japan: September 2016