The WISH Clinic Partnering With Clara Care to Bring Specialized Wound Care Directly to Patients in the Convenience of Their Homes

Each year over 120,000 Coloradans are affected by debilitating chronic wounds, negatively affecting their quality of life and presenting significant health-related risks. Recognizing that access to specialized wound care is challenging for many, and that telehealth can play a major role in improving the state of care for thousands of Coloradans, The WISH Clinic, a premier skin rejuvenation and wound care clinic located in Arvada, Colorado, is partnering with Clara Care, offering specialized telehealth wound services to provide access to advanced wound care in the convenience of patients’ homes. 

Studies dating to 2015 demonstrate that integrating in-person advanced wound care and telehealth provided by wound specialists accelerates healing times, reduces the wait time required to see a specialist, and can significantly reduce overall costs. The pandemic has since demonstrated that telehealth is a critical solution to ensuring everyone, regardless of geographic location, work and life requirements, or socio-economic status, can benefit from the improved access to specialty care afforded by telehealth.  

“With Clara Care, we can touch patients from plains to peaks - this partnership creates a truly elevated wound care experience,” said Dr. Traci Kimball, MD MBA, General Managing Partner The WISH Clinic.

Of the nearly half a million Coloradans who will be admitted to the hospital this year, close to 52,000  are likely to develop a pressure injury, one of the most debilitating and expensive wounds to treat. Tragically, of the 320,000  people living with diabetes in Colorado, 80,000 are at risk of developing serious complications like diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs), which can lead to infection, gangrene, amputation, and ultimately premature death. By partnering with Clara Care, The WISH Clinic is helping tackle these big challenges, integrating specialized telehealth services seamlessly into WISH’s in-clinic advanced care and ensuring patients have the personalized care they need at the right time, from the convenience of their home.  

Dr. Phil Fidler, MD FACS, Chief Medical Officer, Clara Care, concludes, “At Clara Care, we treat the whole patient by addressing the wounds directly as well as underlying health conditions so that we can accelerate patient healing and keep people healthy. By partnering with The WISH Clinic, we know that when patients need the best possible in-person care, Dr. Kimball and her team will be there to provide it.” 

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Clara Care Inc., headquartered in Marlborough, Massachusetts, is a specialized telehealth company, caring for chronic wound and post-operative patients nationally. Clara integrates accredited and experienced wound care providers with partner practices as an extension of their care. This enables practices to better manage chronic wounds and post-operative healing journeys via remote monitoring, ongoing specialty check-ins, and comprehensive care coordination, including episode management. 

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