The Willits Gets a New Face From an Old Friend

Steven Teich, owner and head designer at The Teich Group of Royal Oak is an elegant, understated man with a sophisticated vision for the iconic Willits, Birmingham's most luxurious condominium complex. Mr. Teich's inspiration for the Willits has evolved over the past 14 years. It was Teich, after all who created the original lobby and public areas of the Willits when it opened in 2002.

Willits Lobby

Teich was the original designer of the building, creating all the public spaces, including the lobby, gym, elevator areas, and interior hallway. He was influential in the architectural design of the building with a preference toward French architecture.

The Willits is home to a group of local celebrities, athletes, and elite business owners, all residents with individual stype aesthetics.  The challenge was to create an atmosphere that was pleasing to all 58 residents, advocates of both contemporary and traditional style.

"Mr. Teich instinctively knew how to combine just the right style with harmonious color combinations, creating a look and feel both graceful and functional."

Laurie Cunnington, Resident of the Willits

"I thought it should feel like an apartment building in Paris," Teich said. "Quiet, elegant and a reflection of the homeowners' exceptionally good taste."

The Teich Group was selected from among some of the area's most prestigious interior design firms. "Mr. Teich is an accomplished interior designer," said resident and board member Laurie Cunnington. "He brought to the table an impeccable portfolio covering years of experience.  Mr. Teich instinctively knew how to combine just the right style with harmonious color combinations, creating a look and feel both graceful and functional." 

"I needed a color palette that wasn't too precious," Teich recalls, "and a style that looked collected rather than just put together."

Working in shades of dusty teal, ecru, black and bronze, he selected each piece, from the furniture to the chandelier and lamps, even developing the design for the imported Tibetan wool rug.

Mother of pearl infused ecru wallpaper graces the elevator walls.  The comfortable gathering area is a haven of calm with upholstered sofa and chairs designed in various shades of ecru and teal.  Authentic Murano glass lamps grace the matching curved mahogany cabinets on either side of the sofa and were specially created to incorporate the soothing mood of the lobby, imported directly from Italy.

The newly re-designed Willits lobby is a soothing work of art created by one of Michigan's premier artistic designers, Steven Teich of The Teich Group.  The style is very French to compliment the architectural excellence of the building.  

Source: The Teich Group

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