The Week Ahead 11th to 15th - Earning Season and IMF News April 2016

Its a busy week for Global Markets. The IMF and G20 are in Washington for their Spring meeting and earnings season for the first quarter of 2016 begins tomorrow.

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The Week Ahead 11th to 15th – Earning Season and IMF News April 2016

This week will see the start of first quarter earnings season. Alcoa will start the year off along with a host of banks following up towards the end of the week.

There have already been warnings from many analysts that there could be as much as 9% less on earnings for the 1st quarter of 2016 with many seeing the negative rates globally as a major contributing factor along with the fall in oil and the strength of the USD earlier in the year.

By the end of the week, JP Morgan, Blackrock, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Citigroup will all have reported for the banks and Delta Airlines will have given an indication for the airlines profitability for the beginning of the year.

Bank are thought to have been hit the hardest over the first 3 months and are expected to come in far lower than expected.

Tomorrow in Washington the IMF starts its Spring meeting.

The International Monetary Fund will be addressing a weak global economy where QE and stimulus policies have been the key factor in creating the current market conditions. It is expected that Japan will be at the forefront of the meeting as its economic stagnation, despite a consistent implementation of QE, has started to affect other key economies.

In January the Japanese introduced negative interest rates and since then the Yen has increased against the USD and other currencies by almost 11%. This has a huge effect on exports and is a major concern given the economies dependence on exports.

There is also a G20 summit in Washington this week and both Japan and Europe will be at the top of the agenda for this meeting too.

IF earnings do come in under expectations, it could be a volatile time in the markets this week however this has already started to benefit Oil with both Crude and Brent back over $40 per barrel at the start of the week.

Major Market Closes

NIKKEI – 15,821.52 (+0.51%)

Hang Seng – 2,0370.40 (+0.46%)

FTSE 100 – 6,204.41 (+1.10%)

S&P 500 – 2,047.60 (+0.25%)

Dow Jones – 17,576.96 (+0.20%)

NASDAQ – 4,850.64 (+0.05%)

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