The Wealthy Investor Explains the Importance of Trading S&P Stocks for the Long Term

These days, inexperienced younger traders are looking to make a fast buck off cannabis and new technology stocks as they trade from their digital devices. However, experienced traders know success comes from knowing how to select stocks based on fundamentals, dividends, and a long-term view.

“Trading stocks that are members of the S&P 500 traditionally lowers risk and increases the probability of long-term success,” says Tyrone Jackson, the Wealthy Investor.

Jackson is the creator of the Wealthy Investor program where he teaches his students how to enhance their online trading success. Jackson is also a reoccurring guest on radio, TV and podcasts where he continually shares his views on stock market trading. “Looking to make a fast buck on Wall St. is never a good idea," adds Jackson.

In episode #95 of the Trading Stocks Made Easy Podcast, Tyrone continues his discussion with three of his top New York City students about the lessons they've learned in the past nine years of trading and investing.

Listen to episode #95 of the Trading Stocks Made Easy Podcast by clicking here:

It is possible to successfully trade stocks from home, with the right financial education. Listening to experienced traders tell their stories is a great way of increasing one’s knowledge base and upgrading one’s trading skills. 

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