The Warm Low Gloss Level of the New OECE Clear Acrylic Topcoat 410-0034/05

Current trends in furniture and interior design feature open floor plans, with the living room and dinette blending seamlessly into the kitchen. This means that the furnishings through the entire space must be both highly functional and fully liveable, and requires finishes that balance performance with design.

OECE’s new matte clear topcoat 410-0034/05, designed for coating furnishings in living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, combines a high softness and velvety tone with high chemical resistances and exceptional hardness. The unusual effect of finishing off heats the usual look of matte shades.

The coating is applied by spray and curtain coater on various light and dark woods, even heat treated after treatment with an acrylic primer. The topcoat application provides for the use of 20% hardener 812-92 and about of 40% thinner 922-90.

Color choices can turn in different directions, to make special environments: 410-0034/05 enhances the dark or dark stained wood, highlighting the veins and shades of color.

The finish achieved top marks in the tests:

UNI 15187 - Resistance to light: 5, not showing any visible change.

UNI 10782 - Pencil Hardness: H

UNI EN 12720 - Chemical resistance: level C

This elegant and refined finish can amplify the uniqueness of the furniture on which it is applied. It delivers a matte finish that taps into the current design trend, but with a timeless warmth and character.

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