The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store Now Accepting Worldwide Credit Card Payments

The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store is excited to announce that they can once again accept international credit card payments.

Based in Edinburgh, UK but with worldwide, guaranteed shipping to all countries, The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store has been able to accept credit card payments within the UK and most of Europe since they started out in 2012 but like everyone else in the cannabis seeds industry it has been difficult to be able to put in place secure systems for credit card processing outside of Europe – that is, until now.

Now The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store can accept credit card payments from customers in the following locations:

USA, UK, Europe, Canada, and New Zealand with more countries currently being rolled out. To stay up to date with news from The Vault visit their blog at and sign up for their newsletter at

The Vault has the best freebies system within the industry, with more free seeds provided than from other online cannabis seed stores, and they also have a unique "choose your own" system. To view this and all their other live offers visit

They are also fanatical about customer support. As well as offering email and phone support as you might expect, they also have live chat on their website and have a very strong presence on all social media platforms as well as a presence within all the major cannabis-based forums online so they are super easy to reach out and speak to.

With over 3000 strains from 100+ of the world's leading cannabis seed breeders, The Vault has some of the best discount cannabis seeds backed up with their super stealth shipping and guaranteed delivery. 

New customers can also take advantage of the discount code FIRST10 which, when applied in the cart will give a 10% discount off their total order.

The Vault has a lot of positivity around their company with an almost "cult" following of fans under the hashtag of #TEAMVAULT. Tons of reviews from happy customers of The Vault can be viewed on many independent review platforms such as Trust Pilot, Google, Facebook and so on. Here is a link to some of these: so you can check it out for yourself!

The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store
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Source: The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store