The Unipedia is Revolutionizing Entrance Test Preparation

This Pakistani edtech startup is changing the way of traditional preparation and self-assessment for universities' entry tests


 In Pakistan, there are thousands of tuition centers and test preparation experts, charging students an arm and a leg to help prepare them for admission tests of various government and private institutions of higher education. None of them have tried to bring a modern approach to test preparation in the digital age, which means there are no automated test preparation methods available to general public.

The Unipedia aims to fill that gap.

Innovation gets stifled due to the boring and outdated lectures of professors.

Ali Gohar, Co-founder

The Unipedia is a test preparatory portal for Pakistani students. Starting with MCAT and ECAT exams, the portal started functioning in 2016 when the startup was incubated at The NEST I/O. Over 800 students attempted the preparation tests available on the portal and, of those, 300+ students were selected to the universities of their choice. The same year, The Unipedia got accepted as part of the first cohort of 10xC Accelerator; more tests are being added to the system such as SAT, NAT, NET, BCAT, etc., to cater to a wider range of students.

The founders, Ali Gohar Wassan and Mubbasher Ahmed, are hard at work to provide all necessary details to students to indicate their strengths and weaknesses. The portal provides a comprehensive report after every test, highlighting sections where the student did well as well as where the student still has weaknesses. Questions have been designed with the help of educationists and cover all the necessary fields that are tested in various examinations in Pakistan.

According to Ali: "Innovation gets stifled due to the boring and outdated lectures of professors. Nobody talks about new ideas and thoughts, and the entire focus of academia and students is in the process of getting marks instead of learning. The purpose behind The Unipedia is self-assessment of skills and learnings so that students can put their time and money in the right direction and ultimately excel in a career that best showcases their talent and learning."

But preparing for the test is not the only focus. The founders also realize not every bright student can afford the expense of higher education. The Unipedia has launched its scholarship program for students who cannot afford higher education.

The redesigned portal, with a lot of new features, was launched on 15th February, 2017, and provides a wider range of tests than before. This is an excellent resource for students preparing for upcoming examinations of higher education institutes in Pakistan.

Source: The Unipedia

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The Unipedia is an online portal for preparation and self assessment of entrance tests of Univesities.

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