The Tutor Website Releases New EBook 'The Private Tuition Boom'

New eBook charts the rise of private tutoring in the UK

Private tuition has been on the increase in the UK for several years and its rise has been reported by major news publications and educational channels. A much debated topic over the last few years, the private tuition industry has been credited as being responsible for improvements in exam results, increased competition for entry into the best schools and universities as well as widening the educational gap between children.

Despite glorified reports of 'super tutors' charging several hundred pounds an hour for private lessons, a recent survey conducted by First Tutors suggests the average tutor now charges £22 per hour. Many parents believe that due to an increased demand for tuition, hiring a tutor is now more affordable than ever and a necessity for children looking to achieve their full academic potential. Many tutor agencies will also testify that a good tutor can improve the confidence and academic results of a student who is struggling with their studies.

All the while without regulation from a professional body, the private tuition industry has seen an increase in the number of people turning to private tuition as a full-time career. This trend has seen intervention from the UK Government, who in 2011 implemented a 'tax catch up plan' to ensure tutors declare their earnings.

Recent developments have seen a shake-up of the school education system and the establishment of The Tutor's Association, which aims to provide professional membership to individual tutors and agencies. Due to launch in October, the uptake of membership will prove interesting amidst initial hesitancy amongst tutors.

The Private Tuition Boom will provide an insight into the tuition industry and will outline the main developments over the last few years. The eBook also looks at how the industry tends to operate, including how to become a tutor, how to hire a tutor and what safety measures need to be considered.'

The Private Tuition Boom is sponsored by The Naughty Seat, 121 Home Tutors, Lotus Tutors and Sun Tutors. The Private Tuition Boom can be downloaded for free using the link below:

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