The Trajectories Company, LLC Offers COVID-19 Risk Modeling Software

COVID-19 Trajectories Software

The Trajectories Company, LLC, a leading provider of socio-technical risk modeling methods, formally announces the launch of the COVID-19 edition of Trajectories risk modeling software.

The general recommendations from the WHO or the CDC will take businesses only so far. Trajectories takes them further, marshaling what science tells us about the coronavirus and tailoring interventions for each unique work environment. “Context is everything,” said Gary Carter, MPH, an industrial hygienist and infection preventionist working on the COVID-19 trajectories project. “The risk of transmitting or becoming infected with the coronavirus is tied to the nature of the work being performed.” Nurse on the front lines, field worker at the power company, airline crew and passengers, grocery or pharmacy clerk – what must each of these unique work environments uniquely do to keep everyone safe?

Taught through a one-day course, The Trajectories Company instructors draw upon more than 50 years’ experience modeling risk in medical, transportation, and industrial environments. In addition, attendees will receive a license to the Trajectories™​​ software tailored to the prevention of COVID-19.

The Trajectories Company is offering free 45-minute webinars as an introduction to the COVID-19-tailored Trajectories methodology. “Don’t leave your management of COVID-19 to the 30-second sound bites on the evening news. Your employees and their families deserve a safe work environment,” says David Marx, JD, CEO of The Trajectories Company.

About The Trajectories Company, LLC

The Trajectories Company, LLC is located in the historic Sistrunk neighborhood of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It is a concepts, methods, and software company, building innovative tools for the management of socio-technical system risk. Our team is comprised of engineers, data scientists, economists, and operational leaders. Its sister company, The Just Culture Company, helps organizations develop highly reliable cultures.

David Marx, JD
Chief Executive Officer

Source: The Trajectories Company, LLC


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