The Time to Make Security Number One is Now

Security Booths

Through the past couple of decades, there has been an increased emphasis on security in many different aspects of people’s everyday lives. Recently, cybersecurity has been pushed to the forefront of businesses security concerns. However, employee and public safety have become a growing issue as well. Acts of violence, terror and theft have caused businesses in all sectors to do a double-check on their security needs, looking to see if they do enough to protect their own people and assets. In many environments, the emphasis on physical security manifests itself in the form of increased number of security products or the amount of security personnel that the facility or campus has on hand. To cover this need, Panel Built provides security houses for facility safety. However, the way that different sectors and industry look at workplace security varies incredibly.

How Can They Catch Up?

Guard houses will instantly boost a facility’s overall security. They act as an access-control checkpoint and the main security hub for facilities. The majority of the time, the presence of a guard house alone will be enough to dissuade a potential intruder. However, the building’s main function is to control the access to the facility. 

The most important part of access control is being able to actively deny someone access. Facilities that only have the main gate do not necessarily have this ability due to “piggybacking,” which occurs when another person slips in while a security gate is open for an authorized person. In fact, for most education campuses, facilities use access control in some form or another as their primary form of physical security - 94.5 percent of primary schools, 94.9 percent of middle schools and 88.8 percent of high schools use this type of security. 

Start Planning a Guard House

In addition to this, security houses work as the main security hub for the entire facility. Additional security measures like video surveillance can be headquartered here. Therefore, to have a full view of the entire facility, here is a need for more officers. Or through the use of security camera surveillance, the entire facility can be monitored fully from inside one of the security guard houses. Overall, the security of a facility plays a big role in the mindset of employees and their overall safety and well-being. For businesses to provide the most effective security system possible, companies will need to take advantage of a number of different security techniques to provide properties with the most effective security system possible. These will provide access control to the facility, a central point to monitor the entire property and a place for guards to organize and develop a security plan for business. 

Source: Panel Built Inc.

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