The Therapies of Peyronie's Disease Are an Unclear Business in 2019

Penile Traction Device of Andromedical is a safe and proven method in Peyronie's disease with better results than a risky penile surgery or expensive penis injections

Andromedical explains there is a market opportunity for Penile Traction Devices (PTD) in the acute phase of Peyronie's disease as a safe and proven method with better results than a risky penile surgery or expensive injections of collagenase for the penis. Find more information at

This is a market of $100 million/year of revenue in the USA. It is based on proven methods like surgery, injections and traction devices, but this is an unclear business.

There are three real players in this market: surgery with penile prosthesis implants (PPI), injections with collagenase clostridium histolyticum (CCH) and a penile traction device (PTD). The big urology labs are selling PPI (Boston Scientific and Coloplast), a big pharma lab is selling CCH (Endo Pharmaceuticals) and a urology company is selling PTD (Andromedical).




Traction Device

Product Price




Doctor Fees




Curvature Correction

+80% (*)

+33% (**)

+50% (***)

How to Use

15 years

8 injections

6 months

Side Effects


Penis fracture

Skin irritation

There are other players in PD, like the urologists who prescribe and do the treatment. Other players are Medicare, Medicaid and health insurance companies who are the payers of 80 percent, approximately, of the cost of each treatment depending on the patient's coinsurance. Patients are the main player, with little information about PD, and have to pay a high cost of coinsurance, which is 20 percent, approximately.

Big labs manufacture PPI which can be used for ED and PD, but in the following years, the PD surgery with PPI will decrease highly (*). On the other hand, Endo Pharmaceuticals (EP) has launched the injections of collagenase to treat PD and they are increasing sales. But the therapy with collagenase has negative points - it is an expensive treatment (eight injections for $3,000/unit), with low efficacy (33 percent) and with high risk (penile fracture). And now, Andromedical's lab has launched a penile traction device for the acute phase of PD with positive points, like it is a cheap treatment ($149), with high curvature correction (50-plus percent) and with no risk. This device is FDA approved. More information at

Questions about the Peyronie's disease market:

  • Why are the big pharma labs promoting injections of collagenase which is an expensive treatment with low efficacy and potential side effects?
  • What is the alternative treatment for Medicare, Medicaid and health insurance companies not to pay the 80 percent for expensive injections or risky surgery in the acute phase of PD?
  • Why are patients paying for expensive therapies like surgery or injections if there is real alternative therapy with a traction device which is effective, cheaper and safer?

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Dr. Eduardo Gómez de Diego

Source: Andromedical


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