The TFC Title Loans Scholarship Spring 2019 Announcement - Scholarship Winner Matthew Thomas Frost, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

 TFC Title Loans Is honored to announce that Matthew Thomas Frost has been selected as this year’s recipient of the TFC Title Loans Scholarship of Spring 2019. Matthew will be attending California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly), studying mechanical engineering for his first current year.

“Coming from a small rural area, I have first-hand experience with having a lack of resources and it soon became my objective to change it, not only for me but for everyone I know,” Matthew said.

To qualify for this scholarship, Matthew had to prove that he was a full-time student working towards an undergraduate degree, had a 17 credit schedule, and had a cumulative grade point average of 4.00.

"We are pleased to give this scholarship to a student like Matthew who already possesses so many of the qualities of a future engineer like curiosity and fearlessness, as well as strong dedication to his academic studies. We believe he will make a huge impact on his community and outside as well," commented Daniel Joelson, president of Trading Financial Credit LLC.

“I’ve always tried my hardest to volunteer in my community, however, I now know I want to help my community, and even the world, in a more influential way, which is why I am studying mechanical engineering at Cal Poly. Engineering, at its core, is a way to improve the lives and community around us. Whether we are creating self-driving cars to create safer driving conditions or creating green energy systems to protect our environment, engineering boils down to helping and caring for the world and everyone on it. College, to me, means I can affect the lives around me more efficiently and spend the rest of my life positively influencing my community. Thank you TFC Title Loans for allowing me the funding and means to make my dream of serving the community around me a reality. I am so grateful for this scholarship and I already know how much it will help me along my journey,” Matthew added.

Once again, TFC Title Loans will be helping out students by offering a second scholarship for the fall term of 2019. We strongly recommend checking for updates at the following link

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