The Tesla Model S Can Now Have the Rumble of a Gas Engine With Help From Mutual Mobile

Drivers of the Tesla Model S can now simulate the physics accurate sound of a gas engine muscle car, motorcycle, fighter jet or spaceship thanks to the 3rd party developer Mutual Mobile. The proliferation of 'apps for cars" like the Tesla Gas Engine app will create new business models as the connected car soon becomes standard.

Tesla Gas Engine App

Today, Mutual Mobile who helps companies expand their business using IoT, Virtual Reality, and other emerging technologies unveiled the first 3rd party concept app for the Tesla. This app adds physics accurate engine sounds to the Tesla Model S. Using the Tesla Model S Touchscreen drivers can select from a muscle car, motorcycle, airplane, and even a spaceship and have it seamlessly piped through the vehicle's speakers. 

"Internet being built into vehicles represents never before possible business models for the automotive industry.  The Tesla Model S was the first car that actually gets better after you purchase it through software updates. Soon 3rd party software developers will revolutionize the car the same way they did for the smartphone,” said Mutual Mobile’s Chairman, John Arrow. 

To demonstrate this possibility Mutual Mobile created a concept app called Tesla Gas Engine. This tongue & cheek app makes use of Tesla’s Touchscreen web browser for the app’s driver interface and the iPhone 6S built in accelerometer & GPS for telemetry. Then the simulated engine roar is output via the car’s Bluetooth speakers with acoustic accuracy.

Watch a video of pedestrians reacting to a Tesla Model S that sounds like a muscle car:

Source: Mutual Mobile Inc.


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