The Summit Church Partners With RIP Medical Debt to Eradicate $2.2 Million in Medical Debt

Through a partnership with RIP Medical Debt, The Summit Church will help eradicate $2.2 million in medical debt.

Kyle Mallott, a long-time member of the church, had a dream to make a difference. “Medical debt is different than just paying off someone’s credit card debt -- it’s not self-inflicted, nobody is doing anything to get sick,” Mallott said. “It’s not just the uninsured that it’s impacting, it’s also those who are under-insured. It’s a financial hardship that so many endure.”

By partnering with RIP Medical Debt this dream of eliminating debt became a reality. 

RIP Medical Debt is a nonprofit organization that works with debt collectors to buy the debt of those at or near the poverty level. The debt payments often impact the most vulnerable members of our society: the sick, the elderly, the poor, and veterans. 

Summit Church attendees gave generously when presented with this opportunity to help those in need. 

“Showing generosity and providing a version of grace to those that need it, that’s a picture of God’s glory,” said Mallott. “That’s what God wants to see from his followers, whether it’s in the form of medical debt or donating to a food’s showing people that God loves them.” 

Recipients of the debt forgiveness will receive a letter that their debt has been paid. With the medical debts being paid, over 1,500 families in the Kansas City area will have a fresh start. 

The debt relief couldn’t have come at a better time. 

According to Jim Preisig, Lead Pastor, “Many churches are known for who or what they are against; The Summit is known for who we are for – the hungry, the sick, those living in poverty. Medical debt is a crushing burden for so many people, especially in this time of pandemic. We are committed to making a difference in their lives - offering comfort and support.”

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