THE Storybook Tea Kit Company Launches Tea Kit Book Designed To Engage Children With Classic Literature!!

Tea Kit Book Inspired By Lewis Carroll's Chapter 7 A Mad Tea-Party From Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

The Storybook Tea Kit Company, creators of classic tea kit books, announced today that Alice's Pawfect Tea-Party™ is available for purchase nationwide online.

The Storybook Tea Kit Company ( created the tea kit book to help today's hi-tech child connect and engage in classic literature. Alice's Pawfect Tea-Party™ (inspired by Lewis Carroll's Chapter 7 A Mad Tea-Party from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland) invites children to come to tea without their iPad. It is where their imagination through Alice leads them into Wonderland. The original Mad Tea-Party themes are turned into scrumptious delectable edibles. Contents of the classic tea kit include White Rabbit's Chocolate Pocket Watch, Mad Hatter's 10£/6 Pence Cookies, Alice's Drink Me Bottle, Eat Me Candy Cake and March Hare's Herbal Cinnamon Apple Tea. The keepsake book also comes with an interactive audio CD and the original Chapter 7 A Mad Tea-Party. Children can compare Lewis Carroll's A Mad Tea-Party with Alice's Pawfect Tea-Party™. It is this experience that will motivate children to put down their electronic gadgets and be inspired to put a pen in their hand and use their imagination to write their own tea-party on a lazy afternoon.

"There is no doubt children today reach for a cell phone before a book. They are relentless in their obsession to text, chat and tweet their boredom away. Alice's Pawfect Tea-Party™ is designed to connect the Alice's and Huck's of today with classic literature, without the aid of electronics," said Joann Siegel, founder of The Storybook Tea Kit Company.

To capture the feel of a genuine leather bound first edition storybook replete with Victorian gift artistry of the 19th Century, the Storybook Tea Kit Company used the finest techniques in gold foil stamping. Each tea kit book is hand wrapped to authenticate the book binding artistry of the 19th Century with the look of aged leather and a raised spine ~ just like one that might be found in a antiquarian bookshop in London. The tea kit book includes vintage images of Sir John Tenniel's illustration of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Sir John colored only twenty of his original drawings which were done on wood cuts for the printing process. Alice's Pawfect Tea- Party™ includes replicas of three of his colored wood cuts (A Mad Tea-Party, White Rabbit with his Pocket Watch & Alice's Drink Me Bottle) from a first edition book to capture the original rendition and illuminate this precious keepsake.

Founder Joann Siegel did not speak until she was three years old and could not read until the third grade. Joann was always placed in the lowest reading group in her early school years. Two years ago, Joann had a tumor removed from her spinal cord. None of these challenges deterred Joann from bringing back classic literature to our leaders of tomorrow. "I promised myself that if I fully recovered from the procedure to remove the tumor I would follow my passion and thus the Storybook Tea Kit Company was born. With the launch of Alice's Pawfect Tea-Party™, we've clicked the pause button on technology and pressed play on imagination," said Joann.

Alice's Pawfect Tea-Party™ is available online at for $62.00 including shipping and sales tax. The Tea Kit Book includes an audio CD, March Hare's Herbal Cinnamon Apple Tea, White Rabbit's Chocolate Pocket Watch, Mad Hatter's Pence Cookies, "Eat Me" Candy Cake, Alice's "Drink Me" Bottle and an audio CD with Alice herself leading the tea-party back to Wonderland! Visit for more information.

About The Storybook Tea Kit Company
The Storybook Tea Kit Company creates tea kit books to help children engage in classic literature, as told through the sacred ritual of afternoon tea. Alice's Pawfect Tea-Party™, focusing on Chapter 7 from Alice in Wonderland, connect kids with classic literature the old fashioned way, allowing them to dream and experience the feel of a real book. Other tea kit books in development include The Princess Collection Fairy Tales, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Beauty & the Beast and Peter Pan. The Storybook Tea Kit Company is private held and headquartered in Agoura Hills, CA. For more information, please visit

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