The Steel Wheels at Goose Creek Live!

Goose Creek Music announces The Steel Wheels live at the Franklin Park Performing and Visual Arts Center in Purcellville, VA, on Thursday, October 14, 2010 at 8 p.m.

Purcellville, VA - In its second show of the 2010/2011 season, multimedia production company Goose Creek Music and Entertainment hosts Americana group the Steel Wheels. Playing at the Franklin Park Performing and Visual Arts center in Purcellville, VA, on Thursday, October 14, at 8 p.m., the concert features affordable tickets at $12, with special rates of $10 for Seniors and students. Tickets can be purchased in advance from or on the day of show at the box office. Audio and video recordings of the concert will be published as a part of the Goose Creek Live TV series.

Eclipsing the boundaries of traditional bluegrass and gospel, the Steel Wheels play traditional music in their own way, said Trent Wagler (songwriter, guitar, banjo and vocals). A more diverse term like "Americana" describes what audiences can expect from this group. Rather than confining themselves to one genre, the band focuses on simply delivering good music. Wagler does not want listeners becoming bored after the first 15 minutes of the concert. "I like to hear a real variety in a set," he asserts.

Although their home territories are geographically diverse, ranging from the Shenandoah Valley to Ann Arbor, Michigan, when they come together everyone is ready to play hard. Brian Dickel (upright bass and vocals) and Eric Brubaker (fiddle and vocals) first started playing with Wagler in an alt-rock band in college, and independently they all became enamored with simpler, traditional music. When Jay Lapp (mandolin, guitar and vocals) joined the group he brought his extensive experience as a full-time musician and producer with him.

At the heart of the Steel Wheels' music are authentic stories. People connect around stories and around songs said Wagler, and in this way their music works as a strong connecting point for many different people. Whether they play at a family-friendly fall festival at a church or take their set to a college town bar, their music is enjoyed by all walks of life. "I feel very grateful that we've found a style of music that is one of the most palatable to a cross-generational kind of audience," Wagler said.

The Steel Wheels strive to keep their music aesthetically pared down so that the audience knows that they are not hiding behind a machine that can simulate their songs, said Wagler. "We're standing up on stage and doing what we could on our own front porch."

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