The State Bar of California Faces $163M+ Lawsuit as Trustees Convene in May 2022 ; Auditor Reports Reveal Alleged Systemic Corruption and Reckless Disregard for Public

Lawsuit filed against State Bar under Government Claims Act alleges negligence, premises liability, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and unlawful conversion.

State Bar Impunity

Following denial of a claim under Government Claims Act, a lawsuit was filed in Orange County Superior Court (OCSC Case No. 30-2021-01237499-CU-PN-CJC) ("Complaint") against The State Bar of California and certain employees including Supervising Attorney Anand Kumar, Trial Counsel Eli David Morgenstern, Special Investigator Joy Nunley, and Doe defendants 1-30. It seeks "relief expressly provided by statute for injury and other intentional torts underlying Plaintiff's [sufficient government claim]." (Complaint, p. 2). The founder of filed the lawsuit.

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  • The public relies on The State Bar of California and its public employees to exercise reasonable care in controlling attorneys - especially those who violate the public trust.
  • California law1 requires State Bar to protect public interest as "paramount;" plaintiff alleges State Bar negligently and outrageously favors "delinquent" attorneys instead.
  • Even in extreme circumstances of willful misconduct2, State Bar still allows "attorneys to keep practicing law while their cases are pending"3 thereby "placing the public at risk."3
  • Plaintiff alleges the State Bar knowingly enables licensees to wield State Bar credentials as "weapon[s] of extortion"4; which may violate federally protected rights of Californians4

According to the Complaint "State Bar and DOES know that [State Bar's] entire licensing, regulatory, and disciplinary system is broken due to a series of negligent operational decisions that conflict with statutory duties but fails to address the issues due to un-waivable conflicts that it is concurrently bound to enforce, which is not sustainable." (Complaint, p. 31)

"State Bar and DOES have engaged in fraud and/or corruption, and that the public, courts, and legal profession are at an acute risk of further injuries without extraordinary relief and imposition of liability…as a matter of public policy. Plaintiff relies upon April 2022 Auditor findings: 022-030 ("The State Bar of California's Attorney Discipline Process") and "Plaintiff seeks a trial by jury of any facts that are in dispute as to Plaintiff's allegations, the reasonableness of conduct under any specific duty, fraud, or corruption alleged by Plaintiff." (Complaint, p. 32)

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