The Social Media Explosion Over The Rise Of Stay-At-Home Dads

In the seemingly lawlessness of internet commentary, few recent topics have garnered such attention as the marked increase of stay-at-home dads. Join an online conversation about this very subject.

Any discussion of gender identity and equality issues instantly sets people on edge. Immediately, people are drawn into stereotypes and try to define any conversation with such limitations. A quick scan of open forums online that even touch on such topics result in finding numerous attacks and insinuations on people, none more so than when the issue of child-rearing is involved. Women who stay at home are a blow against feminism, while men who do so are perceived as weak. Hoping to shed some much needed light into this discussion is one of the internet's leading moderators when it comes to interactive discussions online about gender issues in America. Even she was caught off guard by how vitriolic the conversations could be.

"Initially, I thought that it would be a light-hearted change of pace from some of the more intense topics I usually discuss," said Kayt Sukel, when announcing her upcoming online discussion, "The Rise of Stay-at-Home Dads." Hosted by the popular website,, and featuring her longtime collaborator, Melanie Berliet, this discussion looks to address the roots behind the rise of fathers who are choosing to be the ones raising the children, and the effects this has had on gender issues. "Already, I am seeing postings from people who can't wait to be part of the real-time commentary! Apparently a lot of people have a lot to say about this."

Over the last twenty five years, the number of fathers who have decided to become stay-at-home dads has more than doubled, and everywhere on social media somebody has an opinion as to why this is. Many people point out that with the increase in (although not completion of) salary and employment equality, the wife may have the better job, and it makes sense economically for the husband to take time off. Likewise, many people in online discussions say that couples are looking to break free from long established stereotypes about gender and not perpetuate them to the next generation. Whatever the opinions may be, there promises to be plenty of them shared during this upcoming interactive discussion.

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Jack Terry is a writer and blogger who covers social media and online discussions dealing with interpersonal issues.