"The Smartest Kid:Animal Memory" At The Google Play !

Excellent children's android game! Funny animals will educate your child!

All children love animals.
And they love to guess.
Family game for children up to 5 years.
The game develops memory, increases horizons, teaches mindfulness and associative thinking.
While playing, the child will learn the names of animals (both in English and in Russian and German).
The game will keep your child occupied for hours.

* Easy to manage for children
* Positive mood
* Bright locations from around the world
* Unique cards for each location!
* Great music
* Interactive effects
* Russian, English and German languages
* Support for retina screens

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First Games Interactive.

First Games Interactive has developed and produced more than 30 games.
Company have done more than 100 localizations of games released in Russia.
Projects released on PC, MAC, iOS and Android.

Projects :

Mermaid Adventures: The Magic Pearl

The Magic Pearl is stolen and it's up to Alice to find it in Mermaid Adventure: The Magic Pearl.
Sprutto, the dasterdly octopus, snuck into the treasure room and ran off with the Magic Pearl.
The Pearl controls the sea and its absence will create a torrent of storms that will sink all of the ships!
Join Alice and her friend, Crabby the crab, as they track down Sprutto and the Magic Pearl in this charming Match 3 game.
-Colorful graphics
-Collect Power-ups
-Find the Magic Pearl!

Shamanville: Earth Heart

The Heart of the Earth has been stolen by dangerous barbarians!
Train in ancient magic and go on a dangerous journey to get it back from the thieves.
Travel through dangerous environments hot on the trail of the barbarians.
-Unique gameplay
-Incredible trophies to earn
-Light the Heart of the Earth!

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