The Singles Scene Column© in July by Kelly Leary Discusses the Summer Dating Tsunami

Kelly Leary, founder of Revolution Dating, shares The Summer Dating Tsunami in the July The Singles Scene Column©.

The Singles Scene Column© in July

Kelly Leary from Revolution Dating just wrote The Singles Scene Column©. Here are excerpts from the July 2021 column.

"Happy July to all of our clients, couples and friends. Isn't it great to feel liberated after 16+ months of all an around socially restrictive dating dilemma? How do you distance and date at the same time? We started seeing clients and matching again last summer, June of 2020. The pool of new men and women joining has been interesting and fun to witness. Professional men and women from 25 to 85 have been calling us after being in limbo. 

Many couples broke up during COVID--leaving many of you to fly free. How do you feel about flying free? Being single is not your end game. Let the current dating tsunami take over your heart in a good way. Don't fret about dating again. Old school ways of dating have re-emerged. Get to know each other better before diving in feet first.

Love again. Put yourself out there. Make yourself vulnerable.  There are no dating hacks (other than hiring a matchmaker). There is no insurance policy on love. Date smart and date local. Meet authentic people via private introduction from a matchmaker. Be aware of some of the bumps you could encounter along the way if you go online or with social media. Make a change for the better. Don't get bitter, like many who stay dating online.

Common Online Dating Risks:

Micro-Cheating: Inappropriate flirting or contact with another that lacks physical touch. This usually occurs on an electronic device in one way or another. If you are doing anything you would not want your partner to know about, like texting inappropriately, sending photos or sharing intimate feelings with anyone other than your exclusive partner, then you're micro-cheating.

Love Bombing: The flame that burns too fast dies quickly. Have you felt someone fall madly in love with you, but they have never met you or you met out of convenience? Think twice. They could be trying to get over a former heartache using you as their rebound distraction.

Catfishing: A person lures someone into a relationship by pretending to be someone else online or altering their appearance. Catfishes steal photos from strangers' profiles or create multiple personas to make their stories more believable. They avoid a face-to-face meeting.

Have you resisted dating because of all or some of the above? Don't think of what you have to lose, think of what you have to gain. Time to get real and Love Offline. Start dating again."

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Source: Revolution Dating