The Silicon Review Grants Cobwebs Technologies 'The Most Advanced Investigative Analytics Platform'

The award was granted for the company's AI-driven OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) solution, enabling forensic investigations to run seamlessly, smoothly, and with optimal operational efficiency

Cobwebs Technologies, a global leader in WEBINT (Web Intelligence), announced today that it had received "The Most Advanced Investigative Analytics Platform" from The Silicon Review. The award was granted for the company's unique and cutting-edge products that help national security, intelligence, and other private sectors to detect new threats and discover relations, providing an end-to-end web investigation solution. Its powerful cyber monitoring software is designed to support smooth, seamless, and smarter operations and investigations in national security agencies and private sectors.

Cobwebs' automated web investigation platform empowers analysts and investigators with automatically generated insights, transforming single leads into developed, end-to-end investigations. It enables analysts and investigators to identify entities and threat actors, extract locations, and get automated insights and real-time alerts. The platform provides in-depth and accurate investigation solutions for cyber threat intelligence, monitoring, and predictive analysis.

"Our platform fully automates web investigations and monitoring to provide critical insights in real time," stated Shay Attias, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Cobwebs Technologies. "With data from all web layers, i.e. open, deep, and dark web, from both structured and unstructured sources, it offers a complete picture, covering a vast number of sources. Streamlining several AI technologies such as NLP, sentiment analysis, and image recognition, Cobwebs makes web investigations agile, accurate, and simple.

The WEBINT solutions are streamlined with artificial intelligence tools, which enable pinpointing objectives from the web's big data using the latest machine learning algorithms, finding hidden leads, and automatically connecting the dots. The data visualization modules provide insights and unmatched situational awareness. Designed for investigators and security experts, the platform is tailored for their operational requirements, providing an enhanced yet user-friendly solution.

"As a company, we are revolutionizing cyber intelligence with AI-driven solutions," explained Udi Levy, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cobwebs Technologies." Our award-winning technologies are tailored to solve complex real-world challenges and to produce valuable insights from oceans of big data using various AI and ML algorithms."

Cobwebs also provides insightful and comprehensive training powered by knowledge and vast experience. The training programs are designed to teach companies about the specific features and functions of the various solutions, tailored to the unique operational needs of each company. With one-on-one and group training, Cobwebs equips users with the right know-how and support to ensure that achieving operational goals with its web intelligence solution is smooth and straightforward.

"On a strategic level, our global expert teams always keep up with the latest technological and business developments, which guarantee both our market leadership position and their professional growth," added Omri Timianker, Co-Founder and President of Cobwebs Technologies. "Cobwebs also collaborates with a range of global partners, providing local knowledge, support, and building a strong and lasting relationship with our customers, which is a critical aspect of our business success. Since the company has incorporated remote work, we were able to keep on track with our technological developments and improve our technical support. We have shifted our private meetings into online training and demonstrations. We also developed a wide range of webinars for various use cases and participated in online events that have improved our digital marketing activities."

Cobwebs has also developed a new threat intelligence platform that is being rolled out globally. It provides a complete cyber investigation and cyber attribution, with monitoring and alerts. The innovative platform is designed for the cyber Threat Intelligence and Digital Risk Protection domains to solve the cyber threat challenges with an automated digital risk protection suite.

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About Cobwebs Technologies

Cobwebs Technologies is a worldwide leader in web intelligence. Our innovative solutions are tailored to operational needs of national security agencies and the private sector, identifying threats with just one click.

Cobwebs solutions were designed by our intelligence and security experts as vital tools for the collection and analysis of data from all web layers: social media, open, deep and dark web. Our web intelligence platform monitors these vast sources of data to reveal hidden leads and generate insights.

Our exclusive technology extracts targeted intelligence from big data using the latest machine learning algorithms, automatically generating intelligent insights.

Leadership | Cobwebs Technologies

Udi Levy is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cobwebs Technologies.
Omri Timianker is the Co-Founder and President of Cobwebs Technologies.
Shay Attias is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Cobwebs Technologies.

"Streamlined with artificial intelligence tools, our WEBINT solutions enable to pinpoint objectives from the web's big data using the latest machine learning algorithms, finding hidden leads and automatically connecting the dots."

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