The Secret to Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent in the Digital Age Revealed in a New Book

HOW TO DOMINATE RECRUITING IN A DIGITAL WORLD provides Recruiting Leaders with concrete information and tips to help them navigate the ever-changing world of social media

Book Cover: How to Dominate Recruiting in a Digital World

 Richard Milligan's new book HOW TO DOMINATE RECRUITING IN A DIGITAL WORLD: A Guide for Recruiters, Leaders, and Recruiting Leaders helps Recruiting Leaders (anyone who not only leads a team but recruits to it) become more effective at building their personal leadership brand and recruiting top talent. Using social media to articulate who they are as a leader helps them become attractive leaders who can harness the digital world to attract people to their team and values-all before ever saying hello.

2021 was the year of the Great Resignation as companies struggled to bring in and retain great employees. In the past 15 years, business has shifted dramatically to the virtual world, thus losing out on one key thing: the human element.

It's often said people don't leave companies; they leave bad managers. Richard Milligan believes that this saying isn't quite right. Rather, people join great leaders. When recruiting focuses only on company value propositions, it fails to inspire. Why? Because people are attracted to people-not companies.

This guide will help any Recruiting Leader:

  • Establish their vision, values, and why
  • Create a sustainable recruiting system that keeps working around the clock  
  • Set themselves apart and dominate the digital landscape

The book provides exercises, evidence, tricks, and hacks to answer three questions:

  1. Why Does Recruiting Matter?
  2. How Have Digital and Social Media Changed Recruiting?
  3. Why Must Recruiting Leaders Humanize Themselves On Social Media?

Richard's goal with 4C Recruiting is to help 10,000 leaders be more effective, valuable, and attractive to their teams and top recruits by 2027. This book is the next step toward that goal.

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About Richard Milligan:

Richard Milligan is a recruiting coach, high-growth specialist, speaker, and champion of Recruiting Leaders across the nation. During his time in the mortgage industry, he built more than 20 teams and held leadership positions in Area, Regional, and VP roles. For the last five years, he has dedicated his time to developing a system that makes recruiting simple. He partners with and coaches industry leaders across the country to help them communicate their values, build systems that attract top talent, and position their companies for growth. Richard speaks at both public and private events across the U.S. He lives in Edmond, Oklahoma, with his children and wife.

HOW TO DOMINATE RECRUITING IN A DIGITAL WORLD: A Guide for Recruiters, Leaders, and Recruiting Leaders

By Richard Milligan
4C Recruiting LLC
Publication Date: Aug. 19, 2022
Kindle eBook: $9.99
Paperback: $24.99
Hardcover: $39.99

Source: Richard Milligan of 4C Recruiting


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