The Secret Is Out - Action Hearing Announces a New Way to Buy Hearing Aids Starts Here in Austin, Texas

A new method for buying hearing aids will save everyone thousands of dollars. Action hearing says they are the hearing aid superstore people will need.

Action Hearing

A new ​local business, Action Hearing is pleased to offer extremely low prices on name brand hearing aids through a process called "unbundling" beginning in July.

Action Hearing of Austin Texas has started to sell hearing aids with the process called "unbundled pricing." This format equates to substantially lower cost for consumers, meaning that hearing aid wearers save thousands of dollars on a pair of hearing aids.  The average cost reduction can be as much as  50% off the most common retail pricing.  Most hearing aids traditionally are sold with all the continued services and follow-ups included, or  "bundled," in the original price.  This bundled pricing has been the way hearing aids are sold for years.

For more information please call 1-888-218-2284 or visit

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Larry  Bailey
Larry Bailey
President, Action Hearing