The Second Edition of the UX+DEV Summit Uncovers the Future of Product Design and Development

South Florida’s largest event for User Experience and Development, the UX+DEV Summit, will take place between February 1st and February 3rd at the Nova South Eastern University in Fort Lauderdale. The event will bring together thought leaders in the fields of UX, Product Development and Internet of Things for a comprehensive overview on the trends and standards in the industry.

Throughout the three days, participants will be able to attend discussions and workshops about how UX and Product Application Development need to come together in a synergistic and futuristic approach. The future of both these fields relies heavily on offering users the best experiences; we will be looking at both sides of the coin from this angle and offering valuable insights into what a developer’s work will look like in the not-so-distant future. The conference has a hands-on approach and aims at teaching attendees how to apply the best development techniques.

In order to have a great product (whether it's an app, a wearable device or a website) it needs to be a powerful combination of development and a great user experience. At the UX+DEV Summit we will be unveiling what kind of experiences do the customers of the future expect from today's developers and ux professionals.

Michael Vargas, CEO

Some of the speakers at the UX+DEV Summit are Andrew Schall, a well-known and respected UX researcher and the co-author of Eye Tracking in User Experience Design, Aaron Irizarry, the Director of User Experience at Nasdaq and Vera Rhoades, Senior UX Manager at IBM, who will be conducting a full day workshop on implementation insights. UX and DEV enthusiasts will certainly recognize more names from our speaker panel – you can browse it at the event website:

“In order to have a great product (whether it’s an app, a wearable device or a website) it needs to be a powerful combination of intuitive development and a great user experience. At the UX+DEV Summit we will be unveiling what kind of experiences do the customers of the future expect from today’s developers and ux professionals,” says Michael Vargas, CEO of Intellipoint Corporation and one of the event co-organizers.

“We feel like there’s a pressing need for integrating UX and Product Development – customers demand it and developers must deliver it. The second edition of UX+DEV Summit will be a cornerstone for everyone who wants to deliver successful products, hence this year’s hands-on approach. We will not only be talking about how products should look like; in our workshop, attendees will be shown how to create marketable and cutting-edge products,” adds Ignacio Garcia-Huidobro, co-organizer of UX+DEV SUMMIT.

Between the 1st and the 3rd of February, 2017, UX+DEV Summit will gather the industry thought leaders that can inspire students, junior and senior developers, as well as business owners. The integrative approach of this conference is designed for everyone who wants to be a part of UX, Product Development or Internet of Things.

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