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America has had a search for America’s Next Top Model, along with other competitions, but Ruff Greens Inc. is now searching nationwide for their Top Dog to be the face of Ruff Greens. Ruff Greens is launching a new, revolutionary nutritious supplement for dogs and will be releasing its new K9 VitaSmart to the public in January 2020.  In the meantime, Ruff Greens is holding a dog contest where dog owners can easily submit their dog’s photo or short video to Ruff Greens and get it featured in a Ruff Greens' highlight promo, which is showcased on Ruff Greens' social media, along with top influencer Tommy Swanhaus’ Instagram account (475K followers).

Dog owners can submit their dog by direct messaging Ruff Greens' Instagram account ( or Ruff Greens' Facebook page. All dogs that are entered will be featured in a Highlight Reel and will have their own post on the Ruff Greens' Instagram account. The search for America's Top Dogs to be the face of Ruff Greens will be determined by the amount of "likes" or "hearts" on each dog's post; and from their Top Dogs, one dog will be selected from there. The winning dog will be the face for Ruff Greens, receive complimentary K9 VitaSmart for a limited time, along with the title of Ruff Greens’ Top Dog.  Tommy Swanhaus from Ruff Greens Inc. says, “While one dog will end up getting the Ruff Greens’ Top Dog title, the brilliance of this competition is that it is really just a chance for people to showcase their fur buddy or fur baby to the world.”

Ruff Greens is running their showcase contest for a minimum of six weeks, with the winner beginning announced later this year. Ruff Greens started taking submissions from dog owners on October 22, which was National Make a Dog’s Day. Voting or hearting for each dog will start soon, and each dog owner is encouraged to get their friends and families involved to like or “heart” their fur buddy or fur baby.

Ruff Greens Inc., is the parent company of K9 VitaSmart, which is a supplement that puts back into your dog’s food all the essential ingredients that the manufacturing process took out. K9 VitaSmart has over 25 Essential Vitamins and Minerals, 21 Enzymes, 15 Strains of Probiotics, Omega 3, 6, 9 and tons of naturally occurring antioxidants and more. K9 VitaSmart is loaded with the Healthy-Life, Head-to-Tail Nutrition your dog has been missing, and it is all in a delicious powder most dogs love. It has taken scientists over 20 years to research the decline of dog health and then to create the K9 VitaSmart formula to solve that problem. K9 VitaSmart helps or improves your dog’s itchy skin, joint discomfort, bad coat, bad breath and really smelly stools or other digestive disorders. Our main goal at VitaSmart is to help your dog overcome their health issues.

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Ruff Greens Inc. is the parent company to K9 VitaSmart, the premium canine nutritional supplement. It's all about your dog, its health, and overall well-being. Ruff Greens' K9 VitaSmart has over 25 Essential Vitamins and Minerals, 20 Enzymes, etc.

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