The Sea Otter Classic Expands Its Reach Exponentially via the HDrelay Multi Camera Live Event Vehicle

San Diego based HDrelay is expanding their live camera hosting to include onsite camera services, enabling the famous Sea Otter Classic event to increase their live audience exponentially.

​​This week one of the biggest bicycle events in the U.S. goes live with new vehicle mounted HD cameras and service options from HDrelay

San Diego based HDrelay is expanding their live camera hosting to include on site camera services, enabling the famous Sea Otter Classic event to increase their live audience exponentially.

The live event vehicle is the most most advanced mobile camera system out there. It's changing how events are watched and shared with spectators, and it's a really affordable way to increase a worldwide audience.

William Ferris, CEO

Mountain bikers, road bikers and bicycle enthusiasts come together annually for the Sea Otter, an event hosting over 10,000 athletes and 65,000 spectators. Now, with the release of the live event vehicle (LEV), the event will reach far past its location at the Laguna Seca raceway.

The custom Sprinter 4x4 has been dubbed, “the ultimate beast of on-the-go recording, with it’s unprecedented multi-angle live video feed using HD, 4K, 360 degree, thermal and night vision cameras.

The LEV will be empowering the Sea Otter to share exciting views like the starting line, finish line, wide angle, low angle and even a birds eye view via an extendable 25 foot mast on the roof of the vehicle. All with almost no set up or satellite uplink fees.

Web spectators from anywhere around the world can watch (and listen to) the action as if they were there.

The camera systems are 100% self powered, meaning that once it’s on site, the vehicle’s 360 watt solar array will power all cameras, NVR’s and uplink communication hardware 24/7 for over a month without needing any outside power sources.

When it comes to broadcasting an event, the LEV is the most cost effective and useful option. Live video can be streamed directly to websites and social media channels like Facebook and YouTube.

As for sharing short snippets, the sky is the limit with the use of HDrelay’s proprietary IC|HD web site video player.  Quickly and easily create time lapses, capture and share still images, track sunrise and sunset, and use 7-day instant rewind to share a creative and speedy overview video.

All nine HD cameras, including a few Go-Pros, are rendered completely weather-proof, waterproof and durable by Dotworkz BASH (Ballistic Anti-Shock Housing) camera enclosures.

After its debut at the Sea Otter Classic, the HDrelay live event vehicle will be touring and capturing every angle of sporting events, races, marathons, jogathons, charity walks, live events, streaming events, conferences, theme parks, carnivals, product launches, client destinations, job sites, animal exhibits, live snow reporting destinations, and more.

HDrelay has the tools to power your organization through live streaming cameras, time lapse, online recording, off line recording, IC|HD, instant video sharing, and so much more. Look for us this winter at all mountain resorts such as Steamboat, Whistler, Big Bear, Aspen, Vail and more.

Look to see these cameras live on starting April 15th.

Source: HDrelay

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