The sdi7 HIIT Mobile Gym Unit. The Gym Workout of the Future.

The sdi7 HIIT Mobile Gym Unit. Bringing the skills, training, and workouts to you. Fitness, safety, and self-defense.

New York fitness trainer and former kickboxing champ Rob Fletcher announces the availability of his workout and self-defense systems via mobile gym units. Gyms, health club owners, and fitness trainers are facing unprecedented challenges and uncertainty due to COVID-19. To counter forced restrictions and closures, as well as the unpredictability of clients returning to pre-COVID workout locations, Fletcher seeks to place 100 mobile gym units on the streets across the nation. 

These mobile units are designed to allow fitness trainers, coaches, and instructors to work with their own clients by taking his Self-Defense in 7 Minutes High Intensity Interval Training – sdi7 HIIT – programs directly to them. “Times have changed,” says Fletcher. “My sdi7 HIIT mobile gym units provide the answer to entrepreneurs looking for a new way of continuing to do the business they love – and a new way for people to get back into gym workouts while staying safe during the era of COVID-19.” 

Fletcher’s programs and workouts focus on fitness, safety, and self-defense. The sdi7 HIIT workout consists of 7-minute intervals designed to burn calories, build lean muscle, and improve strength. The workout teaches fighting skills and self-defense techniques and gives clients increased confidence and self-esteem.

Mobile gym unit ownership provides a new opportunity and source of income to those who have lost their job or had to close their business. With low startup costs, low overhead, and greater return on investment, the cost is a fraction of owning a gym or fitness studio, while still providing clients with a full range of top-of-the-line equipment. Additional benefits: Go anywhere, any time. Train one or many. Work indoors or out.  

The response to the sdi7 HIIT Mobile Gym Units has been overwhelmingly positive – from entrepreneurs, fitness experts, and clients alike. Fletcher and his team are currently accepting and reviewing applications from qualified trainers. He says, “Don’t let the game change you. You change the game. More than ever, self-defense and fitness go hand in hand. We owe ourselves and our loved ones the ability to self-protect and be safe.” 

About Rob Fletcher

Rob is the creator of sdi7 HIIT (Self-Defense in 7 Minutes High-Intensity Interval Training) and authored America's Next Great Trainer: Transform Your Life. He is a black belt, self-defense, and combative tactics instructor. Fitness-certified through ISSA, IFPA, IHP, and is an MMA strength and conditioning coach. He is a former member of the U.S. Kickboxing Team,1996 North American Kickboxing Champion. Featured on NBC Dateline and Good Morning America, inducted in the Who’s of Martial Arts, Masters Black Belt Hall of Fame, and received the Joe Lewis PKA Eternal Warrior Award. 

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Phone: 845-406-5069

Source: Rob Fletcher

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