The Science Platform Capeia Introduces a Novel Scoring Algorithm for Monitoring the Impact of Articles

Inauguration with Essay on Exoplanets by SETI Scientist

The newly launched science platform Capeia not only seeks to stimulate discussion but is also committed to spreading the information and ideas that are expressed on this website into the depths of the World Wide Web. So much so that it provides an extra crowdfunding scheme to collect funds with which to provide a reward on a monthly basis for the scientist whose contribution attracts the most attention.

For accurately determining an article’s attention, Capeia has conceived an algorithm that not only covers conventional parameters such as views and shares but also measures whether an article is read entirely or dropped halfway through. Furthermore, significant weight is put onto whether visitors’ comments or inquiries are addressed by the author in due time. Capeia, therefore, does not define impact merely through the response an article draws by the community but explicitly observes the attention it gets by its author following publication.

Rüdiger Schweigreiter, Editor: “Capeia does not support a ‘Fire and Forget’ publishing policy. Impact is not a one-way street. We do not limit the definition of impact to the attention an article receives from the audience but extend it to the post-publication attention it gets from its author. Taking into account both the audience and the author for metric analysis lives up to Capeia’s mission to strengthening the relationship between scientists and the interested public.”

Capeia is proud to put this scoring algorithm into use with an article on exoplanets by SETI scientist Franck Marchis. In this essay, Dr. Marchis expounds the state of the art of exoplanet detection and outlines future technological possibilities. A simulation, which is shown here for the first time, illustrates what exoplanets might look like when viewed through the next generation of telescopes that are currently under construction.

Media Contact: Rüdiger Schweigreiter, PhD;; +43-650-6441971

Source: Capeia

About Capeia

Capeia is a novel science platform that aims to foster fruitful exchanges between scientists and the interested public.

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