The Ross Family Wins in the TTAB. Ross Bikes Are Back and Ross Bicycles LLC Wins the ROSS Trademark Decision.

Trademark Board TTAB Decides by a preponderance of evidence in the Ross Family's favor over the mark ROSS for Bicycles and structural parts thereof in a final decision.

The Ross's

Randy Ross, Shaun Ross, and Ross Bicycles LLC have won their trademark dispute for the rights to use their family name ROSS once again on Bicycles and structural parts thereof.

Ross was originally founded in 1946 by Albert Ross, the grandfather of Randy and great grandfather to Shaun. The company was known for creating the first mountain bike race team known in existence, the Ross Indians.

The new ROSS Bicycles line will be available at and The initial bicycle line will stay true to the family's roots of manufacturing high-quality affordable bikes ranging from Mountain, Lifestyle, Cruiser, Road, Gravel, Kids, Electric and Hybrids.

The company has two brands. ROSS will be their heritage family brand and W.A.R is their bold high-performance brand.  

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Source: Ross Bicycles LLC