The Rickshaw Run: An Extreme Two-Week 3,000km Race Across India in a Rickshaw

This April three professional travel bloggers will be taking part in what has been dubbed "the most insane thing you can do on three wheels" -- and all to support local charities in India.

Three travelers and professional bloggers, Ryan Brown, Derek Freal and Rutavi Mehta, will be embarking on one of the most dangerous races in the world — all in the name of adventure and charity. This April nearly 100 teams will be competing in the Rickshaw Run, a 3,000 kilometre race across the most rugged northern reaches of India in a 7 HP 3-wheeled rickshaw. It is organized by a UK-based group known as The Adventurists, and one of the mandatory requirements of competing is that each team must raise a minimum of £1000 ($1550 USD) for charities helping out local communities in India. Ryan, Derek and Rutavi’s team, Teen Romanchak Yaar (Hindi for “Three Adventurous Friends”) managed to raise nearly three times that — an impressive £2600 ($4,047 USD) which will be split between the charities Cool Earth and Planeterra. Cool Earth works alongside indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction and Planeterra helps empower local people to develop their communities, conserve their environment and provide solutions to local problems.

The Rickshaw Run began in 2006 and has grown and evolved ever since, with many route changes over the years. It is an arduous journey and there has never been a single run where every team has finished. In fact usually only around 90% of those competing in the race actually cross the finish line two weeks later. As such, the Rickshaw Run is not about who takes home the gold but rather just in finishing with all your limbs in tact. There is no prize for the team that comes in first place other than bragging rights and the personal satisfaction that comes with knowing they can now leave this world confident in the knowledge that they have undertaken and survived one of the most wild and adventurous races ever to take place.

What's more insane than spending two weeks racing 3,000km across the worst terrain and traffic that India can throw at you in a rickshaw? Quite literally nothing -- but that's why we are doing i!

Derek Freal

Cultural Enthusiast & founder of The HoliDaze

When Ryan, Derek and Rutavi arrive in northwestern India on April 1st, they will have just three days to prepare their rickshaw and learn to drive the awkward and dangerous vehicle before leaving Jaisalmer in the west, bound for Shillong in the far east. The route in between is a complete free-for-all, with every team blazing their own path. What the road holds for them during this two week road trip is completely unknown. These three and their rickshaw will have to pass through mountainous terrain, cross rivers, traverse plains, and survive whatever else Mother Nature and the impressive yet unpredictable India may throw in their way.

Throughout the trip they will be filming and photographing every kilometre of the amazing journey, documenting and sharing the unique and diverse culture of the roads less traveled in India for all the world to see. Those interested will be able to watch daily video episodes on YouTube or follow along through social media and their blogs.

Viewers beware: This teeth-grinding race may just make you want to go on your own crazy adventure.

About Ryan Brown
Ryan, born in Washington DC, began trading the world in 2011. He was the first of his family to own a passport and to leave the United States. Ryan travels to experience and showcase the cultures, the people, and the beauty that lie in every country he visits. Through travel blogging, he works to encourage others to enrich their lives and their minds first hand by traveling. He has recently traveled to Haiti and was featured on Al Jazeera to speak on the progress of the country.

About Derek Freal
Derek, originally from Austin, Texas, quit his corporate career and left the USA in 2009 to begin traveling and experiencing all this amazing world has to offer. While not all Americans are willing or able to quit their jobs, his bold adventures are allowing others to draw inspiration from his adventures, or at the very least live vicariously through him. He runs the travel site The HoliDaze and does whatever he can to motivate and educate others to experience firsthand all the amazing and diverse cultures around this great planet.

About Rutavi Mehta
Rutavi, born in Mumbai, India is one of only a handful of Indian women to ever participate in the Rickshaw Run. Adventure has been in her blood since she was a little girl and has led her on some amazing adventures, such as since hiking to Everest Base Camp and spending months living on the remote and uninhabited Lakshadweep Island. Using her travel stories and experiences, as well as the upcoming Rickshaw Run, she strives to empower women with a “women can do, and will do” attitude. Aiming to show that Indian women, and in fact all women in general, can take on incredible journeys and travel India safely. It all starts with the realization that they can overcome any feat.

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