The Revolutionary Touch System™ From Stark Service Solutions Now Integrates TraknProtect Inventory Tracking & Analytics for Hotel & Hospitality Industry

The revolutionary Touch System™, developed by the industry experts at Stark Service Solutions, now integrates the powerful TraknProtect inventory tracking and analytics software platform for hotel and hospitality industry users.

“We are pleased to partner with the team at TraknProtect to offer this innovative service to our Touch System clients in the travel and hospitality industry,” said Naomi Stark, founder and President of Stark Service Solutions. “TraknProtect tracks a business’ inventory and provides data analysis to create reports that help the property managers make better business decisions.   The partnership of Stark Service Solutions with TraknProtect today brings this innovative new app to our international client base through the Touch System, and furthers our mission of bringing greater efficiency to a larger segment of the hospitality industry, especially independent hotel properties.”

"We are pleased to partner with the team at TraknProtect to offer this innovative service to our Touch System clients in the travel and hospitality industry," said Naomi Stark, founder and President of Stark Service Solutions.

Naomi Stark, Founder & President, Stark Service Solutions

Stark Service Solutions delivers TraknProtect through the new Touch System app, available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS computers, tablets and smartphones in the Google Play and iTunes stores and at their website,

TraknProtect is an incredible app, giving our Touch System app users a state-of-the-art inventory tracking and analytics platform that helps hotels save money by providing real-time location of guest-requested items for increased employee efficiency and enhanced customer service,” Stark said.  “In addition, we can now provide analytics and insights into inventory usage to help hotels forecast and budget inventory needs.”

TraknProtect helps hotels improve staff efficiencies by making it easier to track inventory in real time. TraknProtect tags all items owned by the hotel with Bluetooth beacons. Strategically placed Bluetooth and Wi-Fi hubs then inform hotel employees where these items are, via the TraknProtect app, so they can go directly to that location. At the Hyatt McCormick Place hotel in Chicago, TraknProtect increased employee efficiency by 91 percent when it came to delivering guest requested items.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Stark Service Solutions to provide a comprehensive solution to Stark clients,” said Parminder Batra, CEO & Co-Founder of TraknProtect. “Together we can expand on the services that we each provide to our respective clients – by providing them with a full-suite of back-of-the-house hospitality technology.”

About TraknProtect:

TraknProtect is the only inventory tracking and analytics platform for hotels – by using a proprietary app to provide real-time location of what hotels have and where it is. As a result, TraknProtect is helping hotels increase guest satisfaction and employee productivity. Through data analytics, TraknProtect helps hotels save significant capital costs by making smarter inventory purchasing decisions. TraknProtect surpasses client expectations by providing an end-to-end inventory tracking solution. For more information, please visit


About Stark Service Solutions:

Stark Service Solutions is a leading international provider of customer service training and software for the hospitality, attractions, facilities, healthcare and allied industries.  The company has been delivering unparalleled customer service enhancement products since 2001.  Stark’s uniquely designed programs are established on a foundation of five-star, five-diamond hospitality service standards and integrated with current technology. Recognized by the Medical Community, Stark is the national exclusive MD Preferred Service Award recipient for outstanding Technology and Training Services for the hospitality industry. This privately owned and operated company is built upon a distinctively personalized approach to the hospitality business.  Additional information is available at ​

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