The Innovative Nutrition Analysis Platform That's Helping Restaurants During COVID-19 for Free

FoodCALC®, a pioneer in nutritional analysis technology, re-launches MenuCalc and is utilizing their resurfaced platform to aid restaurants in easily supplying the nutrition information of their menu items for consumer health and safety during COVID-19.

​​​​​​​​FoodCALC®, a San Francisco-based tech company at the forefront of nutritional analysis, has just announced the release of its new and improved version of their software platform, MenuCalc. And they’re using their launch as a tool to aid food businesses in their time of need.

MenuCalc combines nutritional analysis with pain-point targeted smart features that allow food companies to be as efficient as possible. During a time of uncertainty in the food industry, where there are fewer hands-on-deck and more restaurants pivoting to delivery, MenuCalc has harnessed the power of technology to help establishments in everything involving the provision of accurate nutrition information. With MenuCalc, food establishments can easily integrate their nutrition information (including the presence of allergens)  with menu boards, online ordering sites, and mobile ordering apps with the platform’s intuitive API.

Designed specifically for restaurants and food professionals, MenuCalc has created a cost-effective solution that accelerates turnaround times and helps restaurants and other businesses in the foodservice industry communicate nutrition and allergen information to their customers quickly and easily.

“I want our MenuCalc customers to focus on three overall things: their safety, their customer’s safety and adopting the use of technology to help sustain their businesses. If we can do just one of these three things daily, for our client’s benefit, I feel we are on the right track. My goal is to build smart solutions to combine all three, and we will keep working until we do,” says Lucy Logan, Founder and CEO of FoodCalc.

Backed by 17 years of experience, MenuCalc helps businesses of all sizes become more efficient through the following foodservice tailored features:

●      An Interactive API enabling seamless integration across all supported systems. Clients can now discover powerful and efficient posting of their recipe attributes such as: nutrient results, allergies and dietary restrictions. Powering-up a client’s menu to provide their customers a truly customized dining experience is the mission and goal of MenuCalc.

●      Recipe entry and nutrition analysis no longer require training with AVA: MenuCalc’s Assisted Virtual Analysis Avatar. With A.V.A. clients will experience guided recipe entry, assisted nutrition analysis, allergen-statement creation and even breeze through FDA-compliance checkpoints through their virtual guide. It's like having a personal consultant, for free.

●      The FDA requires that food establishments over 20 locations confirm the nutrition accuracy of their menu recipes via submitted and filed documentation with signatures at store level and company headquarters. This process must take place with every menu recipe change. MenuCalc has automated this with AXIS Automated Compliance. Through this feature, as recipes are entered, they are analyzed, time-stamped and populated into the required form for submission. Once complete, managers at store level and corporate are alerted for their signature. These statements are then stored within our client's MenuCalc account for FDA submission at the client's discretion.

●      Although the math behind nutrition analysis is flawless, user entry-errors are bound to happen. For this reason, MenuCalc created SKEPTIK: an error-flagging feature that alerts the user when the details are just not adding up. Whether the nutrition information provided to the manufacturer was inaccurate or there is a simple entry error, SKEPTIK is on the lookout.

●      Because menus and recipes change frequently, MenuCalc has implemented Historical Data Tracking to time-stamp and log each time a change has been made on a recipe by a user. The activity feed tracks username, exact changes made and previous versions are saved to prevent the loss of data.

Through these unique, and innovative features, business owners have the ability to streamline what was once an arduous process to give their customers the nutritional and allergen information they need to make well-informed meal choices, instantly.

Listening intently to customers and addressing their pain points directly has enabled FoodCALC® to stay in tune with its customers and serve as problem-solvers for the food industry.

For this reason, FoodCALC® is supporting small business owners during this uncertain time with its freemium plan. This plan includes all of the previously mentioned features: unlimited nutrition analysis, recipe categorization, allergen flagging, assisted virtual analysis and the option to enable SKEPTIK, as well as flag user errors. This freemium plan will be available for two months in advocacy for all food establishments during this crucial time.

Any food businesses that have a CSV or Excel file, utilizing another platform or independent consultant can easily port their information over to MenuCalc and their free account can be set up and populated quickly and easily.

MenuCalc is the preferred provider of nutrition analysis for food service professionals around the country.   

About FoodCALC®

FoodCALC®, based in San Francisco, CA, is proud to be at the forefront of online nutrition analysis, bringing together ingredients and innovation in order to serve restaurants of all sizes across the country from small independent restaurants to large multi-unit groups.

Source: FoodCALC®