The Revolutionary iGulu S1 Smart Beer Maker Transforming the Home Brewing Experience Announces Kickstarter

Coming Soon on Kickstarter

Coming Soon on Kickstarter

Introducing Your Personal Brewery at Home: Imagine having the power to craft unique brews with the simplicity of a coffee machine. iGulu introduces the S1, a compact, innovative smart beer maker that fits perfectly on a home bar, allowing users to brew personalized beer anytime. iGulu is also announcing an upcoming Kickstarter for the iGulu S1 Smart Beer Maker.

Simplifying the Brewing Process: Traditional beer brewing can be complicated and time-consuming, but the iGulu S1 simplifies it all. With one-tap brewing, this smart device manages everything from start to finish. Choose from a variety of brew kits, including classic beers, kombucha, and cider. The S1’s intelligent technology ensures a smooth, hassle-free brewing experience, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced brewers.

The iGulu S1 features a multi-stage intelligent temperature control system that meticulously maintains the optimal conditions for different yeast strains, preserving the pure flavors of each brew.

Designed for Convenience: Understanding the needs of home brewers, the S1 is designed with a wide-mouth fermentation keg for easy brewing and cleaning. Its Tritan keg is equipped with a triple pressure safety lock and automatic pressure adjustment, ensuring a safe and stable brewing process. Plus, the external CO2 accessory keeps beer fresh for up to 30 days.

Effortless Pressure Filling and Sharing: One standout feature of the S1 is its support for pressure filling, allowing effortless bottling of brews to share with friends and family. This innovation makes it easier than ever to enjoy and distribute homemade creations, enhancing the joy of brewing and sharing.

Seamless App Integration: Keep track of the brewing process with the iGulu app. This digital companion provides real-time updates and control, ensuring users stay connected from start to finish. Crafting the perfect beer at home has never been easier.

Join the Home Brewing Revolution: The iGulu S1 opens the door to the exciting world of micro-brewing, allowing experimentation and creation of unique beers and fermented beverages effortlessly.

The iGulu S1 will launch on Kickstarter in July, with special rewards for early adopters. Follow iGulu on Kickstarter to be among the first to experience this revolutionary at-home brewing innovation. To learn more, visit our page here.

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