The Revolution Is Live

System Blue enters the music products industry. Together, this is our time.

​​​It is with great excitement we announce that System Blue has entered into a compelling new era.  January 2016 marks a definitive moment.  System Blue will design and manufacture all of its own brass and percussion instruments. This is a hugely momentous move and is a definitive moment in the company’s history.  With over 100 years of combined experience, System Blue is now designed and manufactured by System Blue. Our time is now.

Unbelievable things to come

System Blue’s break out products provide an optimal combination of design and innovation with top notch customer service. We have the ability to serve as a reliable, and certain support to dealers, band directors, educators, designers and musicians' pageantry needs.  Manufacturing our own instruments eliminates any limitations, allowing us to meet the ongoing explosive demand for elite, cutting-edge, innovative products. Designed, tested and approved by the marching arts’ elite, our products elevate our ability and afford us superior sound and performance, all while assuring comfort and safety. And now we bring them to you from a complete in-house set-up.

Carbon Fiber drums? Yes. Really.  Carbon Fiber Drums.

Let us introduce you to our new partnership with Natal Drums.  This collaboration launches the phenomenal System Blue - Natal Professional Carbon Fiber and Traditional lines of Percussion Instruments. The ultra lightweight carbon fiber element brings to you an unprecedented advancement in marching drums. If you want to be ahead of your competitors, if you want to exceed expectations, reduce fatigue, preserve stamina, last longer, perform better, then THESE are the drums you have been waiting for.  Our team of designers have walked the very path you walk now. We are the same dedicated performers and educators as you, and we have dreams too. We’ve dreamed of delivering products like this to you. We’ve dreamed of you reaching your potential. The new carbon fiber drums are a product like no other.

"This is the realization of our combined brands in the US and UK, to provide a superior product that sounds amazing and is ultra lightweight, allowing the drummer to go the distance by reducing fatigue,” says Marshall Brand Director Craig Glover.

“Given the playing, performing, and body movement demands of the indoor marching world, we could not be more excited about the new System Blue/Natal Professional series of carbon fiber drums.” Says Sean Vega, Percussion Caption Head and Designer of RCC Indoor Percussion.  “We have been waiting for a long time for drums like these to show up in the marketplace.  The 30% reduction in weight alone will open up amazing new possibilities in show design.   The drums have a remarkable sound both in the indoor and outdoor marching world.   As the marching activities evolve, we too will evolve with products that are safe and provide the right sound for all performance stages.”

System Blue Brass - Excellence for all of us

The newly designed System Blue marching brass instruments are state of the art, innovative, balanced & beautiful. We now offer you both a Traditional and Professional line of marching horns. Crafted specifically for the world of pageantry, System Blue has an instrument for every level of player. Exclusive to the System Blue horns is our unique graduated tuning slide designed by John Meehan. No matter the weather condition or climate, you will always be able to make quick tuning adjustments with System Blue brass.

"This has been a long time coming," remarks John Meehan -System Blue Designer and arranger/brass caption head for the Blue Devils Drum & Bugle Corps. "We crafted these instruments specifically with the marching world in mind. Given our combined years of experience, as well as recognizing the demands and challenges of the activity,we knew it was time to create brass instruments that speak as individual voices, blend as a choir, and project clearly both near and far."

We designed System Blue’s cutting-edge, innovative products specifically for the world of pageantry. Designed, tested and approved by the marching arts’ elite, our products elevate our ability and afford us superior sound and performance, all while assuring our comfort and safety. We design for your needs, because they are our needs: light weight, balance, reliability, and durability at a price that won’t break the bank.

Education is Our Highest Priority

System Blue’s educational programs foster confidence and maturity and promote growth and leadership skills.  We are passionately focused on the marching arts and each person’s place in its culture.  Lead by world-renown educator, Frank Troyka, System Blue combines educating students, band directors, and retailers worldwide.  Our instruments and educational programs are designed for a turnkey successful solution within our marching world. We cultivate extraordinary experiences specifically with your needs in mind.  After all, we have the same educational and product needs as well.

Visit our booth at the NAMM show - booth 2520

System Blue is distributed through BAC Musical Instruments, Kansas City, MO.

Together, it’s our Turn. Together, It’s Our Time. Together, We Grow.


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