The Retro Company Launches Customizable Skincare

The first brand to blend tech, beauty, and sustainability.

Introducing retro co.

Built on 20+ experience in manufacturing and marketing skin care and home-use aesthetic devices, retro co. launches today with the unique mission of empowering our customers with transparent and customized solutions through social commerce.

Technology has improved our lives in so many areas and is now giving the beauty industry a makeover. Beauty is no longer skin deep- it's about health and skin care, hair treatment, and what lies beneath. Co-Founder and Owner Chaz Hatfield says, "Today's consumers want to self-educate and self-treat beauty issues they would have typically turned to skincare professionals for.

Today's beauty consumer is savvy and educated, inquisitive and curious. She wants skincare solutions to work, to fit her lifestyle and to be perfect for someone like her. She also wants them to be a good value for the money, but that doesn't necessarily mean cheap.

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Always cruelty-free, our product line uses natural ingredients and incorporates technology to deliver cutting-edge skin care solutions that help customers analyze problems, correct imperfections, and teach proper techniques. "Our skincare solutions can be personalized to the consumer," said Co-Founder and Owner Yvonne von Berg, who further explains, "Our focus on customization allows us to really connect with the specific needs of each customer, and helping them to live more confidently, which is something I'm passionate about."

retro co.'s skincare solutions allow customers to visibly reduce the signs of aging in just 15 minutes every day. Getting answers about skincare improvement is now simple, safe and straightforward. retro co.'s Clean Consult utilizes a smart-phone app to insure that customers receive personal analysis and advice about meeting skincare goals. Non-invasive skincare technology devices, such as the FDA-cleared LED Fast Facial Mask, allows for pain-free, chemical-free, fast, easy, non-invasive, safe and natural treatment of facial wrinkles. Customers can expect tangible, experiential results: In an independent clinical study of Fast Facial Mask over a 12-week period, 100% of participants had a measurable reduction of deep wrinkles; 89.5% of participants also experienced a visible reduction in wrinkles; 92% showed improvement in skin firmness; and 100% realized improvement in skin elasticity.

"Today's consumers want effective and simple skincare, but they also desperately want the products to do for them what is claimed," remarked Co-founder and CEO, Chet Seely. He continues, "Today's beauty consumer is savvy and educated, inquisitive and curious. She wants skincare solutions to work, to fit her lifestyle and to be perfect for someone like her. She also wants them to be a good value for the money, but that doesn't necessarily mean cheap." retro co. believes that for today's avid consumer- of beauty products and everything else- information has become the name of the game.

retro co. occupies over 35,000 square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing and office space, supporting customers with research, product development, manufacturing and social commerce all from its offices in Fort Myers. Offering part-time earning opportunities to a sales force that is being deployed throughout the U.S., Hatfield commented, "One of our greatest priorities is to connect with a community of like-minded people who are passionate about what we do - helping customers live more confidently - to become a force for good."

The Retro Company Group LLC., retro co. is at the forefront of changing how people think about and use skin care. A social commerce company based in Fort Myers, FL, retro co. uses direct selling, direct response, and online sales to pioneer and develop customized skincare solutions and no-nonsense benefits like free-shipping and loyalty points for retroBox auto-shipments. retro co. has established the goal of servicing 8,500 retroBox customers over the next twelve-months and seeks to become the largest customized, DIY tech-infused, skincare-solution provider in the U.S. within the next three years. More information is available at Connect with retro co. on Facebook and Instagram @theretroco and on Twitter @helloretroco. #LoveEveryDay #helloretroco

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