The Red Songbird Foundation Announces the Tsao Family Foundation Substance Abuse Treatment Scholarship

Billboard #1 Charting Recording Artist Hilary Roberts and Actor/TV Personality Jason Wahler, of The Red Songbird Foundation, Partner with the Tsao Family Foundation and The Purpose of Recovery and Give Three Individuals Fully Funded Treatment Scholarships

Hilary Roberts and Jason Wahler

 The Red Songbird Foundation's co-chairs Hilary Roberts and Jason Wahler, in partnership with the Tsao Family Foundation and The Purpose of Recovery, will provide three fully funded 90-day treatment scholarships to three individuals struggling with substance abuse so they have the opportunity to live wonderful lives in recovery.

Thanks to the Tsao Family Foundation's generous contribution, The Red Songbird Foundation is seeking three individuals who need help but don't have the financial means to enter treatment.

Concurring with treatment, a dedicated Peer Recovery Support Specialist will be provided by The Purpose of Recovery to help support the individuals along the way. Families are encouraged to take part in the dedicated family support sessions, and for those who qualify, a sober living subsidy may be applied if needed.

The 90-day, fully funded scholarships are worth more than $35,000 each and include: 30 days in detox/residential, 60 days of PHP/IOP per applicant's needs, concurring dedicated Peer Recovery Support Specialist, and concurring dedicated Family Support Specialist.

Applicants must be 18 years of age or older, live in Southern California, and have the desire to get sober.

Submit an application by Oct. 8, 2021, to and visit to learn more about the scholarship program. You can also donate to The Red Songbird Foundation's Scholarship Program to help fund additional treatment scholarships. Please help The Red Songbird Foundation help those who are struggling during such difficult times.

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The Red Songbird Foundation was founded in 2009 by Billboard-charting singer Hilary Roberts, who has been sober from drugs and alcohol since 1997. The non-profit organization celebrated its public launch in May 2019.

Shortly after, Hilary joined forces with "The Hills" star Jason Wahler with the goal of bringing the foundation to a broader audience. Jason has been active in the field of recovery since 2010. Together they aim to help people heal from the darkness of their past.

By providing education, outreach, resources, and treatment scholarships, Hilary and Jason have made it their mission to raise awareness and save as many lives as possible through their work.

Contact: Alex Meschi

Phone: (949) 981-9482


Source: The Red Songbird Foundation