" The Real World of Fairy Tales " - a Literary Phenomenon of the 7th Dimension

A Ghost revealing the secrets hidden in Fairy Tales to a curious Scribe, who falls in love with the Ghost, is the Premise of Author Leagan E. Kasper's remarkable new book

​​​In, The Real World of Fairy Tales, written in first person, the Author is startled by a Ghost, who turns out to have lived in her apartment for hundreds of years. Instead of feeling scared and never having believed in Ghosts, she is fascinated by the Spirit's presence. Cheerful and lightheartedly, she encourages the Ghost to show himself, but the Ghost fears she'll be frightened. Hoping to see a real Ghost, while also quite curious, the Author assures him she won't be terrified, after which the Ghost makes himself visible. 

Delighted in the Spirit's appearance, an Adventure of a 7th dimension ensues. The Author grants the Ghost his wish and joyfully takes the explanations, behind metaphors and allegories hidden inside ancient tales, to pen, as disclosed to her by the Spirit. A Spirit who turns out to be none other than Fabel, the Good Ghost of the Fairy Tales. Spellbound, when learning the secrets behind the number 7 of the dwarves, their red hats, the magic mirror and the Wisdom encoded in Rumpelstiltskin and other famous tales, she finds herself awestruck by the Ghost's vast knowledge and falls in love with him.  Her world flourishes into complete enchantment while experiencing a blissful friendship with Fabel, until her rational mind takes hold of her. She begins to question her sanity, believes Fabel is nothing but a hallucination, which ultimately leads to a confrontation with the Ghost. 

" That's exactly what makes a mirror so magical. A mirror has the power to take command over mankind. All one does is directed by the mirror, until the mirror takes hold of man's psyche, when …?" stated Fabel and seemed to encourage me to end the sentence for him.(?)

Book Excerpt

Leagan E. Kasper's  The Real World of Fairytales is a suspenseful, inspiring and enlightening Novella for young and old, told in a refreshingly original new style, leaving the reader to speculate if, perhaps, it was an authentic experience revealed as a fictional tale. The encounter with the Ghost feels genuine, rather than a fabrication. Especially since the explanations and meanings of allegories and metaphors correspond to sound mind and levelheadedness, making us wonder why it hasn't been discovered previously, with children and adults having been cheated out of this hidden wisdom inside fairy tales for ages. 

With a feather soaked in magic ink, Kasper lures the reader into a world where dream and reality collide, with dream ultimately directing reality. 

Title : The Real World of Fairytales

Author: Leagan E. Kasper

91 Pages

Release Date: Sept 28, 2015

Paperback , $8.99  ; ISBN-10: 151754775X

E-Book, $3.99 ; ASIN: B015UVOLU8

Publisher: Korifaeus Publishing

Print, Distribution :  CreateSpace

Available at Bookseller World Wide, also available Online including Barnes&Nobles, Amazon and CreateSpace

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