The Real Emergency Facing Ambulance Companies Is The Revenue They Are Missing

Leader in RCM Solutions Introduces EMS-2™ For Ambulance Industry

SCHAUMBURG, Ill.--CDO Squared™, a leader in Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) for the medical industry, today announced the introduction of EMS-2, a suite of RCM tools built specifically for the ambulance industry. According to William Stuckert, President and CEO of CDO Squared, "The new RCM software analytic tools provide ambulance companies with increased visibility of key performance indicators that allows them to manage their business more profitably.

"In the rapidly changing healthcare environment with "The Affordable Care Act"

"Ambulance companies are in the business of saving lives, and all too often collection processes and revenue management become an afterthought. That's why we designed EMS-2, an innovative analytic software solution that now gives ambulance companies the ability to analyze and react in real-time to issues impacting revenue. Coupled with our VERA® suite of billing and claims management solutions, EMS-2 analyzes, monitors and improves billing and collections at an affordable price."

The easy-to-use EMS-2 software has been implemented and tested with several large ambulance companies with impressive results. During the test period, one ambulance company was able to reduce its revenue losses by up to 30 percent within the first 90 days. "In the rapidly changing healthcare environment with "The Affordable Care Act," HIPAA and CMS compliance issues constantly changing, now more than ever ambulance companies need our technology and analytic tools to run their businesses more profitably. EMS-2 is that tool and it gives them a major edge over other companies operating without it," said Stuckert.

About CDO Squared

CDO Squared has been helping healthcare businesses run more profitably for over two decades. Through proven financial technology and innovative workflow tracking, CDO Squared provides the medical industry advanced software and tools for analytics, visualization and financial management along with the industry experience of seasoned revenue cycle management professionals.

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