The Q1 Report Highlights the Top Industry Performers in Unplanned Server Downtime's industry destimate score calculates a dollar value based on every minute of downtime; using this data, the company has revealed top performers across several industries for Q1 2020

​​​​​​How much does downtime cost? aims to answer this question with its destimate analysis, which assigns a dollar value to each minute of downtime and gives businesses a scorecard to understand the true cost of unplanned server downtime. Using this data, SREs and executives can make educated decisions on server infrastructure growth and management.

The Uptime Report for Q1 2020 includes data from top performers across:

  • Business
  • eCommerce
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Social & Tech

The report also includes best and worst practices from each industry. 

The financial sector displayed the most proactive approach to server downtime, experiencing a total uptime of 99.839% with a high number of outages. The best in finance has an average response time of 1.52 seconds. What does this mean for businesses? resident Site Reliability Expert John Arundel explains. “It’s going to break; that’s just the way it is. The question is, how do you respond? How comprehensively do you monitor every feature, endpoint, and microsite across your web estate? When problems happen, how soon do you know about it, and what’s your procedure to triage and fix it? Do you drill and refine those procedures? Do you have metrics on how quickly and how well you respond to server downtime incidents? When those metrics look good, do you analyze why you succeeded? When they don’t, are you able to figure out what you’re doing wrong and address it?” 

The majority of businesses experienced three or less outages in the quarter, with one of the most common errors being 502. These errors usually indicate problems with server infrastructure ranging from performance to traffic volume or user error.

The eCommerce sector had an impressive showing in the first quarter; despite unflinching demand during the period from coronavirus and the subsequent isolation. The industry managed an impressive 99.96% uptime for the period. A rise in response time — up to 1.74 seconds on average — coupled with a massive increase in mobile eCommerce traffic, points to a need for improved optimization. 

Social and tech also maintained an impressive destimate score even as usage jumped. Yet companies like Quibi continue to show not everyone is equipped for this unprecedented demand.

Through the destimate analysis, businesses are able to determine a more accurate measurement of lost revenue as a result of downtime. estimates that on average, the Q1 destimate risk is between 7-9%. To measure destimate risk, Site Reliability Engineers will need an independent Service Level Indicator (SLI) with history for the period.

For more detailed information, and to see how other industries fared in the first quarter, see the full Q1 Uptime Report.


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