The Q-Wave Pulse Healing Disc

The Q-Wave Pulse™ healing disc is a revolutionary new, drug-free, therapeutic product for treating chronic pain; arthritis; muscle, bone and joint injuries; and more.

The Q-Wave Pulse™ healing disc is based on the science of energy healing medicine. The device releases electronic pulses in the form of ultra low frequency waves that penetrate deep into tissue, cells, muscle and joints to relieve pain. These waves stimulate the damaged area and increase blood flow to revitalize and enable the body to heal efficiently. More importantly, this process corrects the underlying problem.

In order to heal damaged or injured areas you need to heal the associated tissue.   That is why our device is very unlike the TENS unit or other such devices which only deliver a light electrical current to the skin to disrupt the pain cycle temporarily.

Supporting documentation is based on years of clinical trials and studies that have been done before us with the Schuman Resonance Studies, Dr. Royal Rife, Dr. Richard Gerber (Vibrating Medicine), Dr. Michael Weingarten, (Chief of Vascular Surgery at Drexle University).

Our healing disc treats and heals areas based on different levels of frequencies that correct and correspond to different injuries.  Every part of our body generates and radiates energy at certain frequencies. By utilizing ultra-low frequency waves pre-set to 4 main healing zones from 3Hz to 11Hz this technology can help heal by as much as 80%. The compact disc-shape electronic micro chip device with rechargeable lithium battery technology can be placed on or over the injured area to begin the healing process. Now I need your help to bring this remarkable technology to market.

Garth Holding, Inventor

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