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Oneresolve is an independent provider of remote tech support services for software and peripherals. Oneresolve provide reliable and trusted online support by our best and professional expert. we provide support for Microsoft product.

Introduction of a powerful operating system Microsoft Windows XP has proven to be a revolutionary step that brings enormous flexibility and ease of use to the user. It falls under category of one of the extremely reliable and sturdy operating systems for all categories of users. Windows XP installation is highlighted with powerful features like unattended installations and remote installations and is endorsed with multiple new features such as user account management and group's management at a much easier GUI level. Microsoft also includes several new features in terms of auditing and generating a lot of reports in logs for the administrative user. Windows installer is provided in this new operating system which helps to remove code clutter to ensure a more stable operating system than earlier versions. Significant improvement in user interface and options can be easily experienced, since it enables a greater ease-of-use for optimum users, and on the other hand options like multilingual support are pointing towards corporate environment. The plug-and-play of Windows XP features an extremely good compatibility with mobile hardware, and thus takes hardware support and installation to a new level.

With the increase in the use of this operating system there has always been a need of getting repair Microsoft windows XP service online and thank god now we can avail this service online. This service allows us to get the repairing work for the issues related to Windows® Microsoft® XP done online and help in cutting time and cost on the same. Now-a-days everyone looks for getting all possible service online because of it being highly efficient, convenient and always available. The concept of online service is very much popular in market both on individual or organizational level. In almost all the organizations we can see a separate IT team constituted to support the IT requirement of the entire workforce. Oneresolve endow support for window 7, window 8, window XP SP3 & window server 2013 operating system. Oneresolve help users to get handy with their Windows Setup & Installation process. The difficulties with these procedures are dealt with easiest ways by Oneresolve's expert certified technicians. Users get best in class support by Oneresolve's state-of-art groundwork & avant-garde technical support.

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