The Prominent Software Development Vendor Perfectial Announces Launch of Pixetic - Its Digital Design Subsidiary

Pixetic, the newly formed subsidiary of Perfectial, is ready to take on new projects, applying its design-first approach to product creation

Pixetic - a digital agency that'll make your brand stand out

Perfectial, the company renowned for providing full-cycle software development, launches its digital design subsidiary Pixetic. The agency is comprised of 6 seasoned designers and 5 UI engineers, each of whom has vast experience of working with businesses of different origins worldwide. They specialize in creating unique looks for digital products that help brands distinguish themselves on populated markets and, working in a new format, they’ll capitalize on their skills on a larger scale, making design the base of product development.

There are currently 6 recent projects showcased on the agency’s website, which Pixetic members have completed working at Perfectial, and which reflect their expertise in both digital and printed design. The portfolio consists of advanced UI/UX projects for mobile and web applications, efficient graphic storytelling and large-size printed banners for large-scale outbound marketing campaigns.

According to Andriy Vaskiv, the Head of Design at Pixetic, the agency stands for an elegant and minimalistic approach to UI/UX design, which their own website is a proof of. “Eliminate graphic superfluous, and only use vital elements, such as expressive typography, to convey the brand’s message - that is what I have told everyone involved in creating Pixetic’s website, and that is what we, as a team, believe to be the recipe for successful design overall,” said Andriy.

"We’ve chosen quite an ascetic approach to designing our website and used Fira Sans as the main font for all our texts and logo. We’ve wanted to highlight our portfolio, not the website decorations, and ended up with a clean and memorable look, which, we think, distinguishes us from the bloated websites which now seem to prevail on the web,” added Bohdan Romanko, Pixetic’s digital designer.

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